Mathnasium's Student of the Month!

Aug 21, 2021 | South Surrey

At Mathnasium of South Surrey, we love seeing progress. (And we get to see it quite often). Progress looks different from student to student, though.

  •  Some advance by earning better grades at school (90% of our students, to be exact).
  •  Some advance by increasing their math skills (94% of our students).
  •  Some advance by changing their attitude to be more positive about math (93% of our students). 

Mathnasium of South Surrey is helping kids achieve these results all over South Surrey, White Rock. One student in particular has caught our attention this month.

South Surrey sotm

After completing his Level 4 Learning plan, Shin scored 85% on his Level 5 pre-assessment. This is the moment we love to see at Mathnasium - when students apply their understanding of Math concepts to solve problems at a higher level. Kudos Shin!

Getting chosen to be Student-of-the-Month is pretty awesome, but it's not the only way Mathnasium celebrates our students’ hard work. Students also get to earn top-notch rewards from our highly-esteemed rewards cabinet. (It’s a great motivator).

According to blogger Balraj Suneja, there are 4 main steps used to get your child motivated to learn math: 

1. Set an appropriate, reachable goal. At Mathnasium, we customize our learning plans for each child, including setting goals. 

2. Create a strategy to achieve those goals. Mathnasium Instructors help their students work on their goals each time they come in for a session.

3. Measure and praise the effort. We are your child’s best cheerleaders! We love to praise our students!

4. Set and follow through with an appropriate reward. Rewards! It’s time to choose from the reward cabinet! And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be chosen as our Student-of-the-Month!

If your student needs help with math, or maybe more of a challenge in math, come see us today! Call us 604 385 3100. Next month, your child might be Mathnasium’s Student-of-the-Month! Sign up now for a Free Trial Session !