How Math Classrooms Have Changed; Could Mathnasium Be The New Model?

Aug 23, 2021 | South Surrey


Try thinking back 150 years. Picture an old brick schoolhouse with a brass bell on top of the roof. Come inside, and see chalk and blackboards on the walls. Notice how children of different ages are grouped together. You’ve just entered a schoolhouse from the early 1870s…

  1. Your child’s teacher might have room and board provided by a family with a child who attends the school. 
  2. Students only attend school for about 130 days out of the year. (nothing near our current 180 day school year) 
  3. Attendance was low, just about 59% of the students actually came to school. This was often affected by harvest time and the inability to come to school due to poor weather. 
  4. There was no transportation to and from school. Most kids walked to school, sometimes many miles.


And that folks was a typical school scenario for that time period. You can read more here.


Let’s fast forward to what a Mathnasium Learning centre looks like in 2021:

  1. Mathnasium uses specially-trained math instructors to teach and tutor kids in small groups. 
  2. The students are taught in whatever learning style works best for them. (Visual, Kinesthetic, Social, Verbal, etc).
  3. Our students get to use a multitude of Math manipulatives. (Think Rubik’s Cubes, Tangrams, Color Tiles, Base 10 Blocks, Geoboards, Clock Dials, Fraction Pieces).
  4. Our students can learn in person or virtually. Thanks to technology, our students can be tutored from the comfort of their own homes.
  5. Parents can schedule when they want to have their sessions. We offer flexible hours and weekend appointments. 

Mathnasium of South Surrey is a great place to learn math and a far cry from the humble beginnings of math education 150 years ago. We are pleased to offer math tutoring to students all over South Surrey, White Rock. Come join our family of math learners! Sign up today for a Free Trial Session . Call us 604 385 3100.