10 Unexpected Uses for Math in Your Childs Daily Routine

Nov 23, 2020 | Summerside

Unless your child is a fan of mathematics, encouraging them to pay attention in class can pose a challenge. They might not understand its role in everyday activities such as problem-solving, allowance-saving, and time management. If your child demonstrates disinterest in mathematics, share these fast facts to reignite their desire to learn.

- It’s Beneficial to the Brain

Like all studies, math makes for excellent brain food! Students who engage in daily math problems develop superior logical skills and stimulate more in-depth levels of thinking.

- It Improves Finances

As your child begins to budget their finances, nothing will come more in handy than their math studies. By taking a mathematics-forward approach to financing, your child will learn to calculate their expenses and salaries—or allowances.

- It Enhances Cooking Skills

Is your child the household’s designated chef? If so, keeping up with a recipe allows them to calculate how much of a particular ingredient they need per family member. Most online recipes list components for roughly 4 to 6 people. If your family comprises more than 6, your child will have to make the estimate themselves.

- It Strengthens Problem-Solving

Problem-solving is a skill not limited to mathematics. Analytical thinking can make a significant impact on how your child undergoes their unique decision-making process. Mathematics enables learners to break down problems into more manageable parts.

- It Plays a Role in Every Career

Every profession will consider some level of mathematics. From blue-collar factory jobs to managerial positions, math will always make an occasional appearance. For instance, payrolls and profits are just a few elements you’ll have to consider as you open up a business.

- It Boosts Career Options

As we mentioned above, every occupation will require some financial analysis and navigating complex problems. The better your child can demonstrate these capabilities, the more likely they are to land a role in their chosen career path.

- It Streamlines Fitness Routines

Nutrition is one component of a balanced diet. If your child is looking to cut calories to maintain their weight or pack muscle, mathematics can help dictate calorie intake, exercise repetitions, and nutritious recipes.

- It Provides a Deeper Understanding of the World

It is a little-known fact that nature is maths-based. Hexagonal beehives, spider webs, and mountain formations are just a few ways mathematics manifests in the natural world. Even environmentalists apply math calculations to grasp natural development and origin better.

- It Refines Time Management Skills

The core of your child’s high school career is their ability to manage a schedule. Distributing assignments and projects requires a calculative approach and intelligent decision-making.

- It Helps to Develop Savings

Most high schoolers struggle to save up for wishlist items such as video games, shoes, books, or clothing. By calculating how much they’ll have to put away to purchase a particular item within a given period, they’ll learn to budget efficiently for the future.


Not every student will have a knack for numbers. However, by linking mathematical concepts to real-life applications, their Cs are more likely to make the jump towards an eventual A.

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