3 Tips for Improving Your Childrens Attitude Towards Math

Jun 18, 2021 | Summerside

Math is one of the most foundational school subjects in primary and secondary education, but it doesn’t necessarily have a good reputation among many children because it is known for triggering anxiety, which needs to be addressed. According to a study, how students deal with it is an important factor in determining educational outcomes, primarily those linked to achievement.

If you want your kids to excel, their outlook on mathematics must change. While you cannot force them to do so since that will just lead to greater trauma and anxiety, it would be more practical to approach this strategically. Consider the following tips as your starting point:

- Reward Math Subject Achievements with Prizes, but Do So with Caution

Young students love incentives of any kind, especially gifts, like toys, candy, and trips to their favourite amusement parks. It helps build positive reinforcement through association by showing your children that they can do a great job in math and reap the benefits.

What you do have to be careful about is indulging your children too much with prizes even if they earned them. It may leave a dent in your savings, and they may underperform in school out of spite. Also, they may start requesting rewards for other school subjects, leading to an unsustainable cycle of too much coddling.

Your approach to prizes for your kids for math achievements should be purposeful and driven towards long-term goals. Remember, you want them to master the concepts at their current level to ensure they are ready for higher mathematics. So, give rewards sparingly and consider other incentives, like giving encouraging comments or spending more free time with them.

- Look into Your Children’s Math Class Experiences with Teachers

Educators should be trained professionals in passing on the love of learning to students, especially when it is their field of specialization. Unfortunately, math teachers are often known to have anxiety towards what they are teaching, leading to a domino effect in the classroom and affecting students’ academic performance.

You have to be mindful of this, especially if it is a recurring thought that affects your kids’ academic performance. At times, this can even spill over into other school subjects, discouraging the next generation from pursuing higher education. You can do so effectively by getting to know the teachers and observing their behaviour during in-person meetings. Otherwise, there is always the option to speak to the school principal or any supervisor about their teacher selection process and their respective performances in the classroom.

- Consider Enrolling Your Kids in Mathnasium Tutoring

Math tutors are a great way to reintroduce any young student to concepts and equations they struggle with, particularly in a big school setting where it can be challenging to cater to every child’s need. Among the different programs out there, Mathnasium tutoring stands out to be one of the best for addressing anxieties towards mathematics. It fosters in-depth learning opportunities with trained professionals to go through a customized learning plan, making the subject a more bearable and even fun experience!


Math anxiety and other negative ways of thinking are common among children. Fortunately, there are practical solutions to ensure these issues are addressed. Just refer to the tips mentioned above and be more proactive about each young student’s positive development in this challenging yet fulfilling school subject. Who knows, they may even pursue careers rooted in mathematics!

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