Mathnasium Students Are On The Next Level: Time To Celebrate Their Success!

Jul 12, 2022 | Summerside

7.5.22 Mathnasium Students Are On The Next Level_ Time To Celebrate Their Success!

You’ve heard the saying “hard work pays off,” right? Well, that’s definitely true for students at Mathnasium of Summerside. We offer a winning combination that includes:

  1. The Mathnasium Method: this is our patented approach to teaching math. We start by offering a comprehensive assessment, followed by a customized learning plan, and then we teach for real understanding. 
  2. Qualified Instructors: Before joining our team, Mathnasium instructors must pass rigorous math exams to make sure they’re not just great with kids, but also great at math. 

When students experience this kind of tutoring, the results are amazing! We hear things like these from our happy Mathnasium parents:

“Mathnasium has been a great help for my 6th grader! He has a lot of confidence in his math skills now.”

“My daughter has grown so much in her math ability. She is well above grade level. Most importantly, she loves the staff and looks forward to going to Mathnasium for each of her sessions!”

“Mathnasium is a great way to have your child become comfortable with math. They are very accommodating and always listen to you and your child's concerns. They have made my son very successful with his math scores.”

We want your child to experience the success that Mathnasium offers its students. You can find us at 5233 Ellerslie Road SW Edmonton AB . Sign up today for a Free Assessment or Free Trial Session!