The Story of Your Local Mathnasium - Summerside

Jun 24, 2023 | Summerside

1. When was your centre’s grand opening?

March 2023

2. Of all your employees, who has been with you the longest?

Michael has been with us since we opened our doors. He has tutored students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. He loves math and enjoys teaching math.

3. Who is the owner/director of your centre?

Our Centre Director, Asif has been with us even before we opened our doors, as we were teaching online during the pandemic.

4. What local schools does your center serve?

Ellerslie Campus, Corpus Christi School, Father Micheal Mireau Elementary/Junior High School, Michael Strembitsky School, Jan Ramier School, Shauna May Seneca School, Dr. Anderson School

5. What are parents saying about your center?

A: "My child gained a lot of confidence over the 3 months he did his tutoring. His willingness to go back and learn was impressive. Mathnasium not only assessed where he was at with his performance level, the tutors helped him get back on track, push forward and to see math as enjoyable. The online program is easy and convenient. It also gives feedback in a progress report and sent to your email. Highly recommend it for any parent to try. Thank you!" - R.C.

"My daughter is 3 months into the Mathnasium curriculum and the difference in her math performance is outstanding! In October, she brought home her math test and got 67%. Today, she brought home her math test and she got 84%. This exam was more difficult as the school curriculum has advanced through the year. She was beyond excited and so proud of herself!! Mathnasium has really begun to sink in and has moulded the way she thinks about math. She can’t wait to continue with the program to help her progress throughout her math journey. I couldn’t be more pleased with Mathnasium. Thank you to Asif and his team of teachers!" -L.W.

"Mathnasium has been a tremendous support for our daughter and her math skills. She has really struggled with math over the last few years and these last 6 months with Mathnasium have helped to improve her confidence and increase her grades at school. Asif and the staff have been great and are always accommodating when we need to adjust scheduling times. Thank you!" - A.P.