Children's Art's Tax Credit for Tutoring Services

Dec 13, 2014 | Vaughan

Tutoring Services and the CRA Children's Arts Tax Credit

Did you know that you can claim up to a maximum of $500 for the cost of registration or membership for your child's participation in a prescribed program of artistic, cultural, or developmental ability.   

In order to qualify for this credit certain criteria must be met:

1. Children must have been 16 years of age or under

2. The program must be ongoing: 

At least eight consecutive weeks or in the case of summer camps, five consecutive days

3. The program must be supervised 

4. The program must be suitable for children

5. The program must also meet at least one of the below criteria:

  • it contributes to the development of creative skills or expertise in an artistic or cultural activity;

  • it provides a substantial focus on wilderness and the natural environment;

  • it helps children develop and use particular intellectual skills;

  • it includes structured interaction among children where supervisors teach or help children develop interpersonal skills; or

  • it provides enrichment or tutoring in academic subjects.

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