5 Ways to Make Valentine's Day FUN with MATH!

Feb 12, 2021 | Woodbridge ON

We are in the home stretch; one more weekend to go until the kiddos return to in person classes!  We thought we'd give you a bit of a break by making some ideas available to you for some Valentines fun, that also involves some sneaky learning!  

1. We found this fun and easy “Fruit Pizza” that will have them working with counting and patterns for while taste testing the delicious cream cheese frosting! 

2. Cupid’s Arrow Toss is sure to have your kiddos not only busy creating the game but playing it too! Each plate represents a different amount of points, so adding them up and keeping score has them learning with playing for sure!

3. Valentine's day BINGO!!!  Click here to download and print bingo numbers to cut out and call, then here and here to download 4 different cards to print and play with!  All you’ll need is some candy to use as markers and away you go!

4. Mathtime with bathtime!  Markers, toys, & time – whether they are writing numbers on the wall, counting toys as you add or take them away, or counting time with the clock on the wall, bathtime is a sneaky and FUN way to incorporate math.  We are sure after a full day of fun, that bathtime will certainly be a necessity!

5. Heart and Seek!  Let’s change the game, and input some of the fun from Easter and incorporate it into Valentines Day!  Hide candies and trinkets, create a treasure hunt for them, make it really exciting for them to go on an adventure to find as many things as they can!  Of course, the most important part is COUNTING how many each of you have, to see who the winner is!

We truly hope this is helpful for you and your little ones, and that you have an incredible day of fun with the family.  Be sure to follow us on social to keep in the loop up fun events, updates, and much more!