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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Center Owner and DirectorSam Younis, Center Owner

Sam graduated Cum Laude from Vanderbilt University, where he studied the social sciences and gained a deep appreciation for math and statistical analysis. He then earned an MFA in Theater from Columbia University, where he nurtured his creative side. Prior to owning Mathnasium, Sam has worked as an actor, writer, public servant, and tutor. As an actor, Sam has appeared on Broadway and in television and film. As a top-level field operations manager for the 2010 US Census, Sam collected and analyzed statistical data that would later become official 2010 Census records.  In 2012, Sam opened his first Mathnasium center in Los Angeles before moving to Georgia with his family two and a half years later.  Now firmly rooted in Georgia, Sam is also the owner of Mathnasium in Dunwoody and will be launching a new Mathnasium location in the Morningside neighborhood in fall!  He has served on the Mathnasium Franchisee Advisory Committee, which helps guide Mathnasium Headquarters as it makes key decisions about the direction of the company.  His location in Decatur is consistently ranked among the top 40 out of 1,000 centers in the country and also earned an award from Mathnasium Headquarters for outstanding growth in its 2nd year of operation.   An advocate of both math and the arts, Sam is passionate about the Mathnasium Method because it enables kids to apply creativity to the understanding of math. It is his mission to help kids develop an excellent number sense and have fun along the way!


Chase Storbeck, Center Director

Chase is a Georgia native, having grown up in Decatur and Peachtree City.  He later attended Indiana University in Bloomington where he completed a Bachelors of General Studies with focuses in Music, Physics, and Sports Communications.  Chase then completed a certificate of Audio Engineering from Berklee College of Music.  After interning in Chicago, Chase returned to Georgia to teach audio classes at nearby Callanwolde Fine Arts Center.  Chase's teaching tenure began immediately after high school with his involvement in metro Atlanta middle and high school band programs.  Chase began working at Mathnasium in April 2016 and has really enjoyed being a part of the team, values, and atmosphere Mathnasium has to offer.  In his spare time, Chase enjoys writing music, playing sports, keeping up with his favorite teams, and grilling out with his friends and family.


Claire Kuykendall, Assitant Center Director 

Claire joined the Mathnasium team in the summer of 2015 while she finished up her time at Georgia Tech where she majored in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Environmental Science. After graduation, she continued working at Mathnasium until she left for her post-graduate studies at the University of Glasgow in Scotland where she studied Environmental Statistics. Claire's love of math and helping others find their love of math brought her back to Mathnasium when she returned from her studies abroad. Outside of Mathnasium, Claire can be found at a concert, obsessing over all things Swedish, or binge-watching shows of Netflix.


Matthew Jones, Instructor & Education Specialist

Matthew graduated from Portland State University in 2013 with a B.S. in Physics and a Math minor. He moved to Decatur from Portland, OR in the summer of 2013 to spend time with his family and look into graduate programs. His research interests include numerical modeling, chaos theory, and nonlinear dynamics. Education has always been a passion of his, and Mathnasium, in particular, is a good fit for him to exercise that passion. The program at Mathnasium aligns well with Matthew's personal education philosophies, especially the aspect of making math more accessible and easier to understand on a fundamental level.  Matthew has been working at the Decatur location since its official opening in May of 2014.  His leadership has been instrumental in the growth of the center. Matthew enjoys riding bikes, and can often be seen riding around the Decatur area, most likely on his way to Mathnasium!


Kristin Baker, Lead Instructor

Kristin is a sophomore at Georgia State University where she is studying Astrophysics. She has been with Mathnasium for one year now and loves using the Mathnasium Method to get her students excited about math. After graduation, Kristin hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in England. Outside of school and work, Kristin enjoys stargazing, watching Marvel movies, and spending time with family.  



Austin Lang, Instructor

Austin is a "riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." Not much can be said about him except that the only thing he loves more than math itself is helping kids gain a love of math as well. Apart from his love of math, Austin has an infectious giggle that makes everyone who hears it smile. 




Lee Setili, Instructor

Lee is an Atlanta native and recently graduated Cum Laude from Vanderbilt University where she majored in Studio Art and minored in Spanish. Before working at Mathnasium, Lee worked as a camp counselor and tutored high schoolers, both freelance and as a volunteer. As a math instructor, Lee relates math concepts back to physical situations by drawing pictures. In addition to making art, Lee also enjoys creative writing, hiking, and seeing live music. 


Lilah Blalock, Instructor

Lilah is a freshman at Emory University, majoring in Anthropology and Human Biology. Originally from San Diego, California, she moved to Atlanta in August 2017 and was thrilled to find so many opportunities to help encourage and teach other students. Lilah has a passion for learning and enjoys helping others fostering a love of learning as well. In her free time, Lilah enjoys reading, running, hiking, and playing the piano.


Sara Miller, Instructor

Sara, a Georgia native, graduated from the University of Missouri - Kansas City in 2018 with a Liberal Arts degree and minors in Math and Communications. She moved back to Georgia to pursue a Master Degree in Sports Administration at Georgia State while working as the Softball pitching coach at Agnes Scott College. Sara previously tutored middle and high school students throughout her time in college. She loves working at Mathnasium and using the Mathnasium Method to get kids excited about math. When she is not at Mathnasium, you can find her on the softball field, watching Netflix, or exploring Decatur. 


Ash Adams, Instructor

Ash was born and raised in the Canton area of Georgia and moved to the Decatur in 2018 to major in International Relations and minor in Music at Agnes Scott College. She tutored her peers in high school, but after graduation, she decided that teaching younger students would be a far more enriching opportunity. Her motto for teaching is "be the type of teacher you wish you would have had in school," and she applies this motto by adjusting her teaching style to suit the needs of every student she encounters. Her hobbies outside of Mathnasium are singing, creative writing, composing music, and napping competitively for sport. 


Patrick Doyle, Instructor

Patrick graduated from the University of Georgia in 2018 with degrees in Biology and Spanish. He is currently in graduate school at Georgia State University. He has always enjoyed teaching and was a math and chemistry tutor at UGA. Outside of school, Patrick is an avid backpacker and enjoys playing the guitar.


Suejin Paik, Instructor

Suejin was born and raised in New Jersey and is now attending her third year at Emory University as a Chemistry major. After graduation, Suejin plans to return to the Northeast to attend school in veterinary medicine to become a veterinarian.  Prior to college, Suejin was a tutor through her high school, specializing in numerous subjects from chemistry, geometry, algebra, and even Latin. She joined the Mathnasium Team in order to continue her passion for teaching younger students by helping them become confident and appreciate math. If her love of animals wasn't obvious enough, Suejin keeps herself busy as a lab assistant at the NIH Tetramer Core Facility of the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, as well as a regular volunteer at PAWS Atlanta. 


Kat O'Rouke, Instructor

Kat grew up all of Georgia and in Massachusetts. She is a sophomore at Agnes Scott College, majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a minor in Human Rights. She spent all of high school teaching children and tutoring her peers. During college, she wants kids to love math as much as she does. In her free time, Kat enjoys singing and playing the guitar, as well as reading.


Allie Moberg, Instructor

Allie is a junior at Emory University. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, she plays softball at Emory and is majoring in Engineering Sciences and minoring in Applied Mathematics. Allie has a love for math that she hopes to pass on to the students of Mathnasium. Allie worked at a Mathnasium for two years during high school and was super excited to learn that there was a center so close to campus.