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We are now open for both in-center instruction and @Home online instruction!

Our Results

At Mathnasium, we help kids understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them. Children who consistently attend sessions at our learning centers enjoy a transformative learning experience and make huge strides in the classroom.

Attitude: When math makes sense, kids develop a more positive attitude toward math.

Understanding: Mathnasium teaches for understanding, giving students the ability to succeed in any math environment. As Larry Martinek, Mathnasium’s Chief Instructional Officer notes, “It's pretty easy to forget things you memorize and near impossible to forget things you understand."

School Progress: When kids learn math in a way that they truly understand, they achieve greater success in the classroom.

See what people say about Mathnasium

Sabir Ashley William Leah Islay


"Our experience with Mathnasium has been excellent! The pretest exposed large gaps in my daughter's 'formal education' that were then addressed in a step wise fashion based on the Mathnasium Method. Her post-test just two months after participating in the program showed objectively measurable achievement in multiple areas of her grade-specific curriculum. Not only am I happy as a parents with her progress, but she genuinely love and looks forward to working with the Mathnasium Instructors who make math fun and reward progress within a positive reinforcement system." 
~ A Montgomery Parent~

"My son and daughter, kindergarten and fourth grade, needed a better understanding of math-related topics. Although they both were making pretty good grades, my wife and I wanted to provide the best professional help that was possible in ensuring future success for our children. The instruction provided by Mathnasium in Montgomery, Al, has been excellent. My wife and I are very impressed with the knowledgeable and professional staff at the facility. The staff has been key in helping both of my children prepare for major/minor grades, as well as preparing them for future math-related success. I would unreservedly recommend Monica Virgil and her team for any math-related help that your child/children may need." 
~D. Jenkins~

"I have two children who attend Mathnasium in Montgomery; a daughter who is in the 6th grade and a son who is in the 2nd grade. I primarily placed my children in Mathnasium to help build confidence on their math skills. My son would struggle with his math homework especially in the areas of long subtraction and multiplication. Since starting Mathnasium his teacher has noticed improvement on his confidence and his grades. What's even better is that he considers Mathnasium FUN!! No complaints about going to his sessions - as a matter of fact he will remind me on days that he needs to go! I would recommend Mathnasium to any parent not only to build math skills but to help maintain knowledge and confidence of previous lessons learned!" 
~Dr. Tuck~

"I really enjoy coming to Mathnasium. The tutors are great and really help you understand the Material. Thank you so much for all of your help!" 
~T.Ward, 10th Grade Geometry Student~

"We were thrilled to see Tiffani's grade jump from an F to a C in just four short weeks. Even more thrilling was to see my teenager's enthusiasm for math and her eagerness to come to Mathnasium during the week! Thank you so much for having a center here in Montgomery!" 
~K. Ward~

"My son was not a bad math student but he didn't like math. Now after attending Mathnasium he LOVES math! He is always so excited to come to Mathnasium to learn and play math games. He even chooses to do his math homework first after school!" 
~Bear Exploratory Magnet School Parent~

"As a military family, our 11 year old daughter was challenged last year when we went from a public school in New Mexico to a Private School in Alabama. Her new school was more academically rigorous that her previous school and she began to get frustrated in math because she did not work as fast or accurately as the other children. Unfortunately, this started to affect her self-confidence and she began to doubt her abilities in math. When we saw a new Mathnasium open just down the street from us we thought we would give it a try. Monica, the center director, was very knowledgeable and she gave our daughter a free initial assessment and provided some recommendations that made a lot of sense to us. Although our daughter was apprehensive at first about even more school work, after her first session at Mathnasium she was hooked! They played math games, showed her alternative ways to solve the math problems in her homework and really reinforced the idea that math can be fun. We now go two or three times a week and after an hour of math she still begs me to let her stay longer. In addition to turning around her attitude about math we have also seen an improvement in her tests at school. This last semester we saw her math average increase from 81% to 91% and she is currently on track to graduate 5th grade with an "A" in math. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Monica and the other outstanding teachers at Mathnasium. I strongly recommend the (East Montgomery) Mathnasium on Taylor Road to all parents who are interested in making sure their children get the best education possible. Our country needs more people like Monica who are willing to invest in our future." 
~Regan and Carolyn Patrick~