Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.


Assistant Center Director
Courtney has previously worked at a Mathnasium in Madison, AL and loves the challenge of working with students at all different grade levels and finding ways to make math make sense for each individual student. She graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor’s in Chemistry. During her time at Auburn, she worked as an Anatomy and Physiology teaching assistant and a Supplemental Instruction leader teaching Fundamentals of Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Through these jobs, Courtney discovered a passion for teaching and shifted her career path from pharmacy to education. She loves seeing her students light up when they finally understand a new topic or when they return with a test they did well on!


Assistant Center Director
Trinity, a LAMP High School graduate, has a degree in Kinesiology from the the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa (Spring '22). In grade school, years of being a helping hand for friends in math classes and admission into the Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society translated into a love for teaching and assisting people becoming more literate in math. Six years as a Mathnasium Employee has given Trinity the teaching experience and training necessary to help students become successful mathematicians.


Lead Instructor
Dontavious, a LAMP High School graduate ('14), has a Bachelor's ('18) and PhD ('23) in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University and Carnegie Mellon, hoping to become a teaching-track professor. He was the first high school student hired at Mathnasium of East Montgomery, proud to come back post-grad to find that many instructors are high school students from his alma mater. During his freshman year of college, he was a part the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), holding many leadership positions during undergrad. Volunteering through NSBE's various outreach programs helped him make important connections at Auburn and CMU to get the experience of teaching/tutoring different subjects both to college and K-12 students. Dontavious hopes working at Mathnasium helps students realize that although math can be difficult, it can also be really fun and can open so many paths for you once you get the hang of it.


Lead Instructor
Eddie, a BrewTech Magnet High School graduate, is pursuing a degree in Software Engineering with a Data Analyst concentration. He participated in VEX Robotics for 4 years in high school to work with math and programming. He particularly loves to look at math and numbers in graphs and charts to analyze how data is sorted. Eddie loves working with students and learn more about math each day as he teaches it.


Lead Instructor
Rachel, a gradute from Alabama Christian Academy, is a Montgomery native. Being the daughter of a math professor caused her to have an early love for math. As a graduate student at AUM majoring in Education with a Masters in Psychology, Rachel enjoys the structured environment at Mathnasium and helping kids reach their goals.


Andy, a Senior at LAMP High School, is a VEX Robotics Worlds qualifier and a 2023 4A-5A Boys AHSAA Tennis State Champion. He also enjoys competing in Science Olympiad. He loves math because there is a definite solution for each problem that needs solving. Andy's favorite part about working at Mathnasium is working with a variety of students and math topics each day.


Atindrah, a Senior at LAMP High School, plans to major in Computational Biology. He is captain of the LAMP Scholars' Bowl team, participating in quiz bowl for over 5 years. Teaching quiz bowl to kids at a local middle school inspired his love for teaching. He also has been playing chess for 8 years, competing in monthly tournaments, enjoying the complexity of the game and each unique experience. Atindrah most enjoys teaching factoring, as it is an essential part of any high school math course, and he views factoring problems to be the most satisfying to solve correctly.


Elijah, a Junior at LAMP High School, plans to study screenwriting in college. He has many skills such as speaking Spanish, beatboxing, and juggling. He also enjoys playing basketball and has held leadership roles at basketball camps. Elijah's favorite part about working at Mathnasium is that he loves the energy that our students have.


LaQuisia “Qui” is a graduate of Auburn University. She also has two graduate degrees in Education from Auburn University Montgomery. She has had a love of learning all her life, has especially loving to solve math puzzles and playing games, making a constant effort to share her passion with the students she works with. Qui also enjoys helping children conquer their fear of math to build a strong foundation so they too can love learning and not be held back by their fear of math.


Nikhil, a Senior at LAMP High School, is President of the LAMP speech and debate team, competing in limited preparation and interpretation-based speech events, and President of the Youth Judicial team (mock trial). He is also an adept singer. Through speech and debate, working with younger students to develop their speaking skills sparked a passion in teaching for him. In addition, learning calculus in school inspired his interest in math because of the many ways math can be applied to the real world and is used in our daily lives. Nikhil most enjoys the challenge of teaching various math topics ranging from addition to pre-calculus between different students in an hour.


Rik, a Junior at LAMP High School, is a chair of the LAMP speech and debate team, winning first in the state for debate (Junior Varsity) and aspires to bring home a championship this year competing Varsity. He has played the clarinet for the All State Honor Band since his time in middle school. He loves teaching and not only created a peer tutoring group as an underclassman but also has experience tutoring on an international online platform, transferring to his love for teaching math and asking guided questions to get a student to explain concepts. Rik's favorite part about working at Mathnasium is seeing a student's face light up when they understand why the math works.


Sara, a Junior at LAMP High school, is a VEX Robotics Worlds qualifier and a part of Science and Mu Alpha Theta Math National Honors Societies at LAMP. She enjoys playing soccer and reading classic novels in her free time. Since she was young, her favorite subject in school has always been math and holds a passion for helping and interesting others in it.

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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