We are open for in-person instruction in our center. Live, face-to-face online instruction is also available via Mathnasium@home.

Holiday Hours

Our center will be closed the following days:

Labor Day Weekend
Sep 5, 2022
Thanksgiving Weekend
Nov 24, 2022
Christmas Eve
Dec 24, 2022
Dec 25, 2022
New Year's Eve
Dec 31, 2022
New Year
Jan 1, 2023
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
Jan 16, 2023
Easter Weekend
Apr 8, 2023
Memorial Day
May 29, 2023
Independence Day (Monday before)
Jul 3, 2023
Independence Day
Jul 4, 2023

Hours of Operation

Starting June 12th - August 28th our summer hours in center and online are: Monday - Thursday 2pm-6pm, Friday 2pm-5pm, Saturday & Sunday: closed (may extend till 7pm on a couple of days depending on demand; Fridays may adjust depending on demand)

Instructional Hours

Mon & Wed in-center
2:30PM - 7:00pm
Tue & Thu in-center
2:30PM - 8:00pm
Fri in-center
2:30PM - 6:00pm
Sat in-center
11:00AM - 2:00pm
Mon-Thu online (@Home)
2:00PM - 7:00PM
Fri online (@Home)
2:00PM - 6:00PM
Sat online (@Home)
11:00AM - 2:00PM

Office Hours

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The Mathnasium Method™

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In-Center or online, our instructors work face-to-face with your child to focus on their unique math learning needs.

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We create a customized plan to meet your child's unique educational needs and goals.

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We have engaging instructors, awesome student rewards, and a fun learning space.

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