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We are here for you. For your convenience, we are now offering both in-center and live online learning. Reach out to us with questions and concerns @317-733-5000.

News from Mathnasium of Fishers

Signs of Math Difficulties

Jul 28, 2020

Many students perform poorly in their math classes simply due to

misunderstandings. A student’s mind often doesn’t match up with their peers, because everyone learns in different ways. Unfortunately, in a classroom with 25 kids, it’s hard for a teacher to accommodate all of them perfectly, no matter how hard they try. 

    You may ask, how can I tell if my child needs extra help? Some might be unable to multitask or they could appear tired as soon as they start a problem. Others have issues when trying to come up with simple math facts, or maybe they struggle trying to keep track of multiple steps in a word problem. These signs are just the tip of the iceberg. Kids exhibit their challenges in many varying ways. One child might have trouble with computation, another with connecting abstract math concepts to the real world, and another still with spatial perception.

    Luckily, Mathnasium will give your child an assessment that tells us exactly what went wrong along the line of mathematics, and we have tried and true ways to get your child back on track. No matter what a student struggles with, our instructors know how to get through to them and teach them strategies for future success!



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