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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CenterDirectorLeslie Illingworth, Center Director/Owner

Hello. I am Leslie Illingworth, Owner/Director of Mathnasium of Fort Mill, your neighborhood math-only learning center.  My Husband and I moved to Fort Mill, SC in 2011 and instantly fell in love. We loved the small town community feel and knew this was where we wanted to raise our family.  We set our roots here and now have two little girls.  I graduated at the University of South Carolina in 2005 with a double major in Marketing and Real Estate.  I transitioned right after graduating into my career at C.H Robinson Worldwide where I worked for the next 13 years.  My career started with the company as an Account Manager before making the switch to the Accounting side of the company.  Being a parent, I want to ensure my children have a strong educational base to continue to grow and learn and we realized there weren’t too many options for tutoring in the area; especially with an emphasis in Math.  We decided to take matters into our own hands and brought the Mathnasium concept home to Fort Mill and could not be more excited!!  Being able to work with students and get them to where they are not only comfortable with math but are excited to do Math is our mission.  Our drive is to “Help kids Catch Up, Keep Up, Get Ahead and Stay Ahead”!   We look forward to meeting with you and having you become part of our Mathnasium family!


CenterDirectorWill Illingworth, Owner

Will Illingworth, Owner of Mathnasium of Fort Mill works in the bond market helping clients finance projects across an array of sectors including healthcare, higher education, transportation as well as general infrastructure transactions.  A lifelong Gamecock, with both an undergraduate in Finance and Real Estate as well as an MBA from the University of South Carolina, math has been integral throughout my career.  With an interest in problem solving from a young age and the desire to see my 2 young children benefit from the confidence an education brings, I began looking for a way to teach my oldest daughter early math concepts and give her the same confidence I saw as youth when a concept “clicked”.  After speaking with a friend about the mathnasium method, it was clear in a short time that the results spoke for themselves and this method would greatly benefit the youth in the Fort Mill community and had to be shared with others!  We look forward to sharing this amazing method to “make math, make sense”.

Jill Whaley, Lead Instructor

Jill was an Economics major at West Point and later earned her MBA from Long Island University.  She has three adult daughters. An experience helping her daughter (who has dyslexia) with math, became the catalyst for Jill's desire to help more students with math.  "Math should be fun and make students happy when they solve the puzzle put before them."



Gerald Wheaton, Lead Instructor

Hey! I am studying computer science and mathematics at Winthrop University. As a student who struggled with math throughout grade school I totally understand the frustration and anxiety that comes from not understanding homework and dreading tests. I was, and still very much am, excited to be able to help kids understand these concepts; Mathnasium has provided a wonderful opportunity for me to serve in this way. I have always enjoyed working with kids, between helping my younger brothers with math and volunteering at an orphanage, I have had a lot of experience and a constant excitement to help them succeed. 


Brenden Mahla, Instructor

Hi! I am a student at Fort Mill High School and am currently taking AP Statisics. I am planning to go to school for Communications and Film and I hope to one day become a Film Director. I love working at Mathnasium because it is very rearding to help others and the kids are all so great. 


Bradley Ross, Instructor

Math is one of those subjects I never had to study for. Most people are either a "language" person or a "numbers" person. I was definitely a numbers person and took classes in math through to community college. Ironically, when I got to a university I started studying Japanese and ignored any field involving math because I figured it would be too easy. Studying Japanese was the hardest thing I have ever attempted to do and I am still trying to learn even after graduating from UNC - Greensboro. I can't help myself. I find Japanese history and culture fascinating. More on math though, I have tutored the subject in a community college setting and online. Now, I tutor for Mathnasium and regardless of the level of math or age of the student, I always feel satisfied when I help people understand concepts they are struggling with. I enjoy explaining things whether it be Math, English, Politics, and any other nerdy subject. Mathnasium is a place I can come and casually help whoever is in need that day. It's not strict nor is it too relaxed. It's a nice middle ground for both me my daily students.


Zoe Gaskin, Instructor

Hi I’m Zoe and I love math! I enjoy trying new things because it allows me to challenge myself and think in different ways. I have completed and excelled in all math courses leading up to and including AP Calculus and have been a math tutor for two years. I love working at Mathnasium because it allows me to share my love and knowledge of math with students of all ages! 


Sophie Nielsen, Instructor

Hi! My name is Sophie Nielsen. I am a senior at South Pointe High School in Rock Hill, but I haven’t taken any high school classes in quite a while. I’m in a rigorous program with the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Math that allows me to take streamlined engineering-related college classes for both high school and college credit. This program has given me a love for math, science, and computer science, which is exactly why I am an instructor here at Mathnasium! I love my job almost as much as I love math. I hope to help get the kids to feel the same about this wonderful subject.