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At Mathnasium, we help kids understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them. Children who consistently attend sessions at our learning centers enjoy a transformative learning experience and make huge strides in the classroom.

Attitude: When math makes sense, kids develop a more positive attitude toward math.

Understanding: Mathnasium teaches for understanding, giving students the ability to succeed in any math environment. As Larry Martinek, Mathnasium’s Chief Instructional Officer notes, “It's pretty easy to forget things you memorize and near impossible to forget things you understand."

School Progress: When kids learn math in a way that they truly understand, they achieve greater success in the classroom.

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All Mathnasium students receive one-on-one instruction and a customized curriculum based on the unique needs and goals of each child. The curriculum is derived from our assessment where we determine needs in mathematical knowledge. The curriculum consists of prescriptives (PK) that teach and address those needs in very fine grained topics. For advance students or those that we know are ready for extended exploration, we also include focus-on (FO) topics that delve in depth on a given topic. The curriculum is rounded out with a work-out-book (WOB) that exercises all their critical thining and problem solving skills to keep them fresh.

We focus on building a solid mathematical foundations for your child while providing him or her with the help, guidance, and encouragement necessary to tackle what's being taught in school. The results are measurable progress, a renewed sense of confidence, and a positive attitude toward math and learning. We're dedicated to providing our students with a warm, positive environment that makes learning math fun. Whether your child is advanced in math, struggling in school, or somewhere in between, we're here to help. 

Our team has proudly served students at Adelante Sch., Alvarado MS, American HS, Ardenwood ES, Azevada ES, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, Brier ES, Brookvalev ES, Bunker ES, Cabrillo ES, Castro Valley HS, Centerville JHS, Cesar Chavez MS, Chadbourne ES, Challenger Sch., Chinese Christian Sch., Connecting Waters Charter School, Creekside MS, Durham ES, Emmanuel ES, Forest Park ES, Fremont Christian Sch., Gomes ES, Granada Islamic Sch., Harvey Green ES, Hirsch ES, Holy Spirit Sch., Hopkins JHS, Horner JHS, ILM Academy, International School of the Peninsula, Irvington HS, Itliong-Vera Cruz MS, Jefferson ES, Kennedy HS, Kimber Hills Academy, The King's Academy, Leitech ES, Logan HS, Maloney ES, Millard ES, Milpitas HS, Mission San Jose ES, Mission San Jose HS, Mission Valley ES, Montessori Sch. of Fremont, Moreau Catholic HS, New Horizons Sch., Newark HS, Niles ES, Oliviera ES., Palma Ceia ES, Parkmont ES, Patterson ES,  Prince of Peace Lutheran Sch., Quarry Lane Sch., St. Bede Catholic Sch., St. Edward Sch., St. Francis HS, St. Joseph Sch., Stratford Sch., Sunol Glen ES, Thornton JHS, Vallejo Mill ES, Walters JHS, Warm Springs ES, Warwick ES, Washington HS, Weibel ES, and more.

Mathnasium of Fremont Student Testimonials

"I think Mathnasium is great because it helps me understand complicated subjects of math like equations and to help me catch up as well as to keep me in check. It also helps me understand more of what I already know in math." - Ethan R., Grade 7

"Thanks to Mathnasium! My grades have been improving drastically." - Zuhair H., Grade 5

"I love this place! I used to have a F in math. But now I have a A+! I think it's great for anyone good or bad at math. It helps me study and learn." - Sabrina W., Grade 5

"Mathnasium has been very helpful." - A.S., Grade 9

"Mathnasium taught me shortcuts in math and how to do math too." - Grace C., Grade 5

"I get useful help and tips/strategies. : )" - Rachel T., Grade 8

"I think that Mathnasium is actually a very organized and great math program/learning center. All the tutors I have met are very nice and help me understand things I don't get. : )" - Janna B., Grade 8

"Mathnasium is a great program! The tutors are all very nice and helpful. I have a fun time. I would suggest it to anyone with trouble with math." - Griffin H., Grade 7

"Mathnasium helped me with stuff in school and also to get ahead in math." - Jozlynn F., Grade 5

"If I had only one academic place to go to, it would be Mathnasium." - Ryan P., Grade 5

"Mathnasium is great! It helped me a lot on my algebra and geometry. The way you learn is just the way I like it. All of your skills, old or new are all reinforced and sometimes even learn new ways. : ) Thanks!" - Laura L., Grade 9

"Before going to Mathnasium, I struggled with division of numbers and addition, subtrraction, and multiplication of fractions. Now I know how to solve those problems. Thanks to Mathnasium for helping me get better at math this year. My grades have really improved because of the help." - Ryan B., Grade 7

"Mathnasium is a great place because I can wake up every morning knowing that I'll learn something new. It's a place where instructors can explain and will explain even more if you don't understand. And when your math session is done, they have games and books that you can play with." - Nathan L., Grade 6

"Thank you Mathnasium for making math fun." - Edward L., Grade 7

"Mathnasium has been a great experience! All of the instructors are really welcoming and very helpful. They really take the time to get to know the students and understand the way that they think and process information. Whether you need help catching up or geting ahead, the instructors are more than ready to help you achieve it. Mathnasium has helped me find a better way to approach math and not see it as impossible."
- Tulsi P., Grade 11

Mathnasium of Fremont Parent Testimonials

"Thanks Eric, as always for the genuine interest you take in your students. She has improved leaps and bounds and the most important thing for us is that she never complains about going to Mathanasium."

"The tutors and prcocess has helped my daughter understands math better and she's more comfortable with the challenges." 

"The teaching supports or covers the learning gap at school. Tutors are very patient and detail oriented."

"I love Mathnasium's individualized approach to teaching. They quickly learned that my daughter loves using her hands, and tailored their instructions using a tactile approach."

"I have already noticed a big difference in his math critical thinking and he never needs me for homework help anymore and has an A+ so far even though it's still early in the year I see major progress."

"Teachers are very compassionate to help my child to get better at math. My child actually likes to see the teachers."

"My grandson is doing much better in school now. He is not frustrated when it comes to math now."

"It has really help my grandson to focus and has greatly improved his understanding of math ability his ability to work through word problems."

"You're a person with a 'gold' heart. Thanks for helping him understands Math. He actually likes it now."

"Thanks very much.  Your assessment is spot on with the issues we have been having (particularly with fractions)."

"They both came out of the session today quite excited and discussed what they learned.  They mentioned that they understand their instructors well."

"Thank you so much for helping him to perform well."

"Thank you so much for your help with her math. We are seeing marked improvement in her grades and hopefully her grasp of the subjects."

"It was great pleasure that my daughter's math ability was tested in a fun & friendly way at TriMathlon. She was so excited about it. This was the first time she was tested for math skills.  I was so worried whether she is able to handle it. But everything went well. We really appreciate it."

"My son is improving his math skill after attending Mathnasium."

"With your help, my daughter has been able to succeed this past year.  Her overall grade will enable her to pass the class, and there have been recent times where she celebrated a near 100% on a test (of which she was absolutely thrilled!) and a few B’s. We are very thankful for all the time you and your tutors have spent helping her to really understand this challenging subject.  It hasn’t been easy, but it appears to end on a satisfactory note." 

"Staffs are very supportive and friendly. The director is very approachable and helpful."

"Center Director is very understanding and flexible with the makeup sessions. Also, the quality of Mathnasium instruction is good. My son is now able to retain the Math concepts better than before."

"Amazing coaching! Systematic and structured teaching!
Very co-operative and accommodative. Can't ask more!
Very happy and very satisfied!"

"My son begins to like math because the tutor was patient, intelligent, and caring. The tutor made math fun and memorable. Thanks!"

"Tutors are very helpful and my kids told me that mathnasium is really helping them in their math subject."

"I noticed my son is more confident in mathematics."

"My child just started joining Mathnasium the last 3 months and her grade has improved significantly.
She has been a lot happier and gaining much more confidence in problem solving skills."

"The tutoring has helped my daughter improve her understanding and confidence in math way beyond my expectations and hers!!"

"Mathnasium of Fremont offers students a safe environment and flexible schedule when there's conflict. The tutors enhance students on school curriculum and provide more practice where needed. From last semester to this semester (2015 Fall to 2016 Spring), my kid improved the grade from B+ to A at school. In the district Math benchmark tests every 9 weeks, my kid got averagely 93% of test (1st benchmark score did not count; 2nd was 100%, 3rd was 86.67%). The confidence also reflected in other subjects like Science (94%) and English (95%)."

"My son is able to follow the Mathnasium materials with ease. Moreover, he likes the friendly instructors. Also, not bringing homework from Mathnasium works out really well. Kids these days are already loaded with tons of school work and other activities. Overall, I could see an improvement in his level of confidence when handling Math."

"Thank you for helping her. She was awarded as the most improved student by her school!"

"My son has improved greatly since the start of his tutoring with you, and I wanted to thank you for all your help.  I have greatly appreciated your dedication, professionalism, and flexibility.  I will by highly recommending your business.  It has been a real pleasure working with you and your employees."

"My son won 1st place in the math computation competition. He competed against 11 other private schools."

"My daughter has attended four 2-hour sessions. Her experience has been positive. Teachers are patient, good at explaining and good use of time."

"Over the short period of going to Mathnasium, I can see the confidence level my daughter has in Math. Eric has been phenomenal and very accommodating to our working schedule."

"My son tells me that he likes to go to Mathnasium because of the instructors there are very nice, and that is very positive. We just got his school report and so far he is B+ in math, and that is great for someone that was getting C in 3rd grade."

"It's very organized."

"This learning center provides excellent/patient tutors and flexible schedule for students and parents. To accommodate the common core math curriculum, Mathnasium helped my kid to overcome the fear and she had significant improvement on the academic performance!"

"I am glad that my son was able to keep in touch with Math during summer in Mathnasium. He had a positive experience in Mathnasium with individualised curriculum that met his needs."

"My kids are learning a lot. They like most of the tutors as they were patiently teaching them the technique without telling or giving the answer to the exercises. We also like the assessment and the fact that my kids can determine their strength & weaknesses. "

"In the short time we have been going to Mathnasium, my child seems to enjoy the environment and staff. We are still evaluating the instruction and curriculum he is receiving and how much he is retaining. So far the structure seems organized and well planned out. We are very pleased."

Hear What People Say About Mathnasium 


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