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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

 Michael Bram, Owner

Michael graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a bachelors of science in electrical engineering. After working as a software engineer for twenty plus years following graduation, Michael fed his hunger for entrepreneurship by joining the Mathnasium team. Michael was drawn to Mathnasium because it offered something different from other after-school instructional programs, particularly its focus on practical elements of math such as problem solving and mental math. Michael has given back to the community in many ways.  Michael has taught during his engineering career and many years as a adjunct instructor at Triton College for an ACT Review course.

Michael feels that as the small business owner of Mathnasium of Glen Ellyn that he would like to give back to Glen Ellyn and surrounding communities.

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David Zhang, Instructor

David graduated from Glenbard West High School and is now attending University of Illinois at Chicago.  He is in his junior year and majoring in Computer Science.  David has worked as a T.A., teacher's assistant for a Sunday School Mandarin class.   He has also shared his passion for teaching others by being the assistant coach for the Glenbard West girls badminton team.  David has always been passionate about learning math and after some reflection he decided to share that passion with others while he is attending college.  He stated, "Mathnasium allows me to connect with others and show them my appreciation for the topic of math".  In David's free time, he enjoys badminton and a deep interest in the field of technology, especially computer hardware.

My favorite color is: Indigo Purple

Jack Tully, Instructor

Jack recently graduated from Northwestern University, where he majored in Radio/Television/Film.  Before working for Mathnasium of Glen Ellyn, he enjoyed his time working at Mathnasium of Kenilworth!  His passion for math and teaching children brought him to Mathnasium.  When he isn't helping students improve their math skills, Jack enjoys watching and writing movies.

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Cheryl Graci, Instructor

Coming soon......

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Eric Rutter, Instructor

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Molly Friedman, Instructor

Molly is a rising Junior at Glenbard South High School.  She has excelled in her honors math classess throughout high school.  Molly has been a teaching assistant in a fifth grade religious school class room, which she will continue moving forward.  She has been a high school chemistry tutor both one-on-one and in a group setting.  Molly has also babysat children for the past couple of years!  She was prompted to work at Mathnasium because it combines her passion for teaching and her exccellent repore with students.  She loves seeing progress, especially the "aha!" moments.  Molly is a member of the high school math team, placing first at the Glenbard High School Tournament her sophmore year!

My favorite color is: Purple

Nathan "Nate" Jensen, Instructor

Nate will be returning to Glenbard West High School as a senior.  He will be taking Multivariable Calculus his senior year!  Nate has worked with young kids as a baseball coach.  He has also volunteered at the Glen Ellyn Children's Resource Center for after school tutoring.  Math has always been his favorite subject in school, and he hopes to spread that enthusiasm to others.

My favorite color is: Red

Lorena Iannicelli, Instructor

 Lorena is a senior at Glenbard West High School!  This year, she is taking Calculus BC.  She loves working with children and have babysat, been a camp counselor, and volunteered at the resource center!  Lorena's favorite subjects include math, science and computer programming.  In her free time, she loves riding roller coasters and travelling around the world.  She is suer excited to be a Mathnasium instructor because she loves helping math make sense as well as it to be fun for students!

My favorite color is: Pink

Claire Siebert, Instructor

Claire is a senior at Glenbard West High School.  She loves woorking with kids and has previously been a camp counselor for various children's camps.  Claire is in AP Calc and plans to attend a four year university and then graduate school for a adegree in microbiology or public health.  Her favorite subject is chemistry which she often tutors fellow students struggling in the class.  She also volunteers at the Atria home for assisted living care.  Claire loves to help people out.  She is very outgoing and excited to be working at Mathnasium!

 My favorite color is: Teal

Rotating Instructors

Jacqui Felcan, Instructor

Jacqui graduated from Lake Park High School and is currently attending Wheaton College as the soon to be graduating class of 2019 (Go Thunder!). She has experience as a home tutor as well as helping out friends/classmates in math and science in high school. She was a valued team member of the Lake Park High School Math Team and Science Olympiad. Jacqui wanted to work at Mathnasium because she LOVES math! She enjoys using her own interests to help others learn and be more excited about math. She is also excited to grow by learning and teaching math in such an interactive environment. Jacqui has many other interests which include playing piano for the past thirteen years. She also enjoys running and is a part of the Wheaton varsity track team!

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Grace Larrabee, Instructor

Grace has worked with children as a babysitter around town.  She has also worked with children at summer camps.  Her experience in those two roles has led her to look for her "first" job to involve working with children.  She is currently a senior at Glenbard West High School.  Upon preparing to apply to various colleges Grace received a PERFECT score on the ACT (36/36)!  Grace is excelling in high school even with the heavy load of Honors and AP classes.  She is currently taking Multi-Variable Calculus in her senior at Glenbard WEst High School!   She is very happy to find out that she has been accepted to Yale University!  When Grace has free time she spends it as a member of the Forensics team.  Grace has stated that her passion for math and enjoyment of working with children makes her a perfect fit for Mathnasium.

My favorite color is: Turquoise


 Jack Malec, Instructor

Jack is currently a student at Glenbard West High School.  He is currently enrolled in all advanced and honors math classes.  He has volunteered at the Childrens Resource Center of Glen Ellyn where he tutored children who needed extra help with school.  Jack loved working with the students at the Childrens Resource Center but always wanted to spend more time helping the children with math compared to other subjects.  Math has always been his favorite subject and looks forward to sharing this passion for math with the students.  Jack is an avid volunteer and looks for ways to give back to the community.

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Abdullah Mazher, Instructor

Abdullah is a freshman at Loyala University.  He is challenging himself by taking on a double major along with a minor in computer science.  He has always taken Honors and AP level classes in high school.  In his senior year, he took Multi-Variable Calculus for his math class.  Abdulah has also spent some time volunteering at the ICNA Relief food pantry.  He has shared his photography hobby.  He enjoys trying to capture beautiful scenes.  He has been known to wake up earlier than usual to capture a beautiful sunrise.  He also likes to spend some of his free time either reading thought provoking books or writing about various things.

My favorite color is: Royal Purple


Ethan Jenkins, Instructor


Ethan is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Math and Economics at Wheaton College.  He has been working with children as a soccer coach with the Glendale Heights Park District and AYSO in the past.  Ethan has always loved math as well as seeing students grow academically.  He comes from a large family which includes two brothers and two sisters.  He has experienced life in another country, East Africa in both Ugunda and Rwanda, which is where his family lived for fifteen years!  Other than math, Ethan loves sports but especially playing and watching soccer!
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Summer Instructors


Elise Olsen, Instructor

Elise graduated from Glenbard West High School.  She is currently a junior at Case Western Reserve University exploring math education as her major.  Elise has worked with children in various capacities prior to working at Mathnasium.  She worked with children of all ages in the daycare in the Sibling's room at Easter Seals.  Elise also helped with an after school enrichment program for middle school children in Cleveland, Ohio.  She wanted to work at Mathnasium because she is strongly considering going into math education.  She loved the opportunity that Mathnasium has to offer to instruct students at different age levels.  Math has always been a passion of Elise's and this is a great opportunity to share her passion with others.

Elise has volunteered her time in various capacities.  She was the captain of the High School Blood Drive for her junior and senior years.  This eventually led to a Lifesource scholarship for her years of dedication and service to the Lifesource blood drive.  Elise is just as creative as she is analytical.  She was the Senior Year Band Board President at Glenbard West High School.  She received District 87 Honors in Orchestra.  Some of her other accomplishments in high school were National Honors Society, Illinois State Scholar, Ap Scholar with Distinction, High School Math and Science Departmental Awards.

My favorite color is: Green

Libby Howard, Instructor

Libby finished her senior year of high school.  She will be taking Calculus BC in the fall semester.  Libby has worked with children of all ages for awhile.  She has been babysitting since she was twelve years old and a soccer referree for the Glen Ellyn Park District.  Libby's passion for math and working with children is one of the many reasons she wanted to work at Mathnasium.  After speaking to some of her friends, she was excited to work in such a fun working environment while helping the students grow in confidence and math.  Libby's passion for math goes beyond the classroom and extends as a key member of the high school math team.

My favorite color is: Yellow

Sophie Bair, Instructor

Sophie is a freshman at Columbia University in New York!  Before being accepted into Columbia University she scored a PERFECT 36 on the ACT!  She has spent a lot of time helping and teaching children in a variety of capacities like: babysitting for various neighborhood families, tutoring other children in math, interned at the Willowbrook Wildlife Center educating children of all ages on native animals and volunteering at the Glen Ellyn Children's Resource Center which is an after school educational program.  Sophie has always loved math!  She wants to combine her passion for math and her love of working with kids!  Sophie has been able to accomplish a lot during her high school years.  Some of her awards and accomplishments consist of placing first place in the individual math regionals competition during her Freshman and Sophmore years.

My favorite color is: Blue