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** Give your child the gift of confidence! Now enrolling for Summer. Give us a call to find out why Mathnasium is the best option for your child!



 Mathnasium of Hanover is part of your community. We partner with schools and similar organizations
to promote learning in a fun way. From Math fairs to game nights and presentations,
we make math fun and engaging for people of all ages!
Join us to learn math, have fun, and discover more about what makes Mathnasium different.


2022 Summer Programs - Sign up now!
Mathnasium of Hanover is pleased to be offering new programs for this summer! See what fits your schedule and sign up now!





SAT on your mind?
Is your 10th, 11th or 12th grader doing well with their current math classes and starting to think ahead to college?

Mathnasium of Hanover is pleased to be offering SAT Prep for you student to get them ready
for the upcoming
SAT Exams being held on

November 6, 2021 and December 4, 2021.

Prep sessions for March 12, 2022 test date start December 1.

Call today at 781-659-1225! SLOTS ARE LIMITED. 





Is your child ready for a fun, stress-free and productive school year?
Help them get a fresh start and a leg up by calling to schedule a risk-free assessment.

 We can help, whether your child is behind, on par, or advanced, we have the right program for them.

     School year programming include:

  • Individualized programs focused on your child’s needs.
  • Flexible attendance and scheduling around your vacations.
  • A head start on this year’s math topics (if your child is not currently behind*).
  • Strengthening of concepts needed for the standardized tests, like the STAAR.
  • Preparation for the PSAT, SSAT, SAT, and ACT!

We do all this while utilizing fun games for each age and skill level to develop logic and number sense!

For some students, a solid review of previous material is what is needed.
Others benefit from previewing upcoming concepts. Most students will get some of both. 

Two to three sessions per week, 60 minutes per session, is the ideal schedule for this program.

Master Series

Here is the opportunity for your child to master lifetime math concepts and skills in a
compact 4 to 5 week period. Select one or more.

   Master – Multiplication

   Master – Percent Basic

   Master-- Percent Advanced

   Master – Decimal Concepts and Skills

   Master – Fraction Concepts and Skills

Power Math Workouts

Our Power Math Workouts are designed to prepare students for the upcoming school year. Programs
last 10 weeks, two sessions per week. Whether getting a Jump Start, ready for Algebra,  or review of
higher math, these programs will prepare your student for a great year. 

Jump Start I – Upper Elementary Math (for students entering 3rd or 4th grade)

Jump Start II – Middle School Math (5th-7th grade)

   Readiness – Pre-Algebra (6th grade and up)

   Readiness – Algebra I (7th grade and up)

   Readiness – High School Geometry (8th grade and up)

   Review – Algebra I/prep for Algebra II

   Review – High School Geometry

SAT/ACT Math Prep – Prepare to take the SAT/ACT this next school year.

First Steps

First Steps is designed for those Kindergarten students entering the 1st grade. It is a combination
of group math activities and individual learning, making math fun and educational
. Please call or
email us if you are interested in this program!

Call us today to talk more about our fall offerings at 781-659-1225




Our recommended ACT program, in its entirety, is approximately 4-5 months, with two 60-minute sessions a week and a practice test every Saturday. We do, however, tailor the program to each student and discuss realistic goals and progress on a case-by-case basis. In general, our ACT program consists of the following, with modifications based on current skill level and available time:

  1. Student takes a practice test from McGraw-Hill's ACT Prep book.
  2. Student takes our own Mathnasium ACT Math Skills Assessment.
  3. Student completes our ACT Workout Book, which is designed to help students develop the mind set needed for the ACT, as well as to refine concepts and skills needed to
    succeed on the ACT. The Workout Book contains three sections:
    1. Fundamental ConceptsFor a goal score of 16-20 (reviews skills from
      pre-algebra to trigonometry).
    2. Intermediate Concepts: For a goal score of 21-25 (reviews problems that are
      solved using formulas and algorithms).
    3. Advanced Concepts: For a goal score of 26 or above (reviews problems that
      test a student's knowledge of major math concepts and require students
      to use critical thinking skills).
  4. Student does extra work for any problems or concepts they struggle with in the Workout Book.
  5. Student does as many practice tests as time permits.

Remember: The ACT does not take points off for incorrect questions, so it is in a student's best interest to answer every question, even if it is a guess.

Although the ACT does allow the use of a calculator, all the problems can be solved without one,
so we focus on the skills needed to solve questions without a calculator. 

See below for the concepts and topics covered on the math portion of the ACT:



Our recommended SAT program consists of two 60-minute sessions a week and four official SAT
practice tests. We do, however, tailor the program to each student and discuss realistic goals and progress on a case-by-case basis. In general, our SAT program consists of the following, with modifications based on current skill level and available time:

  1. Student takes our Mathnasium Basic SAT Skills Assessment. Students who score 90% or higher also take the Advanced SAT Skills Assessment
  2. Student takes a practice SAT from The Official SAT Study Guide by the College Board (can be found online). We recommend starting with SAT Practice Test #2 or #3
  3. Based on the scoring guidelines, customize the SAT program to the student's specific areas of weakness.
  4. Student is assigned a Workout Book based on their SAT assessments and scores. Our Mathnasium Workout Book is designed to develop the mindset needed for the SAT and to refine the concepts and skills needed to succeed on the test.
  5. Student spends 1/3 of their time on Mathnasium curriculumn that fills in their knowledge gaps, 1/3 of their time on their assigned Workout Book, and 1/3 of the time reviewing the missed questions on their SAT practice tests (if possible). 

Remember: The SAT does take points off for incorrect questions, so it may not be in a student's
best interest to answer every question. Educated guessing is still recommended. 

On the SAT:

  • Most math questions will be multiple choice, but some—called grid-ins—ask you to come up with the answer rather than select the answer.
  • The Math Test is divided into two portions: Math Test–Calculator and Math Test–No Calculator.

Although the SAT does allow the use of a calculator on one section, many of the problems
can be solved without one, so we focus on using number sense to eliminate
and solve problems when possible.

The SAT has three Math Suite subscores: Heart of Algebra,
Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Passport to Advanced Math. 



MATHNASIUM of Hanover Supports Our Teachers!

 Stock the Fridge Event   

Mathnasium Thanks Our Teachers

To honor our local teachers, one lucky school received an award of a fully stocked fridge.
The people have voted!  Congratulations to Ross Elementary School for getting the most votes!


 Collaboration with Vested Academics

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Vested Academics for a series of Video Events.
During these unusual times, we all need insight on how to provide tools and resources
to help our students grow succeed in the distance learning environment.
We are talking with Vested Academics CEO, Tyler Vunk, a leader in academic coaching, tutoring and college planning. We are asking him important questions and get his input on
"How to Get Our Student Organized to Submit Assignments on Time".
Tyler and his team have worked remotely with students before, and during the pandemic.
Tune in each week as we ask Tyler questions that every parent will want the answers to!


We had so much fun seeing our student’s pets and stuffed animals recently for

Bring Your Stuffed Animal to Class Day!
Thanks to everyone for sharing your furry friends with us!🐻🐶🐱🐵






February Break Skills Builder

February 16 – February 19, 2021

Tuesday  – Friday
Morning: 9:00am – 11:00am

Monday – Friday
Afternoon: 1:00pm – 3:00pm 

Our Vacation Week Skills Builder is a great way to give your child fun activities to do during the week
while also meeting their educational needs.
Our focus will be on multiplication and division through hands-on activities and games.

  • One hour of One on One Instruction
  • One hour of Math Games
  • Mastery of Number Facts
  • Hands on Activities
  • Growing Confidence in Math
  • Learning through games and fun activities 

Vacation Break Packages

Vacation Week Skills Builder is available in two different packages.  
Students can sign up for the whole week or individual days.
LIMITED SPOTS - please pre-register to select your preferred days and times.

Morning $50/day

2 hours of Math Instruction
and Games

Afternoon $50/day

2 hours of Math Instruction
and Games

   Registration Fee of $25 required for all new customers.  

To register - call us at 781-659-1225 or email us at

                        Mathnasium of Hanover     2117 Washington Street, Hanover, MA 02339                                     


                    We Make Math Make Sense!


What is "Math Games Hour"?

Join us for an hour of fun! We will have fun math games and snacks for all to enjoy. More information on how to sign up will be posted soon. Current students are welcome to bring a friend. Be sure to RSVP as space is limited!


Coming soon: Math Night 


What do our Math nights entail?     

  • Math Nights involve families in a fun, enjoyable shared math experience

  • Events co-hosted by PTAs and Mathnasium in schools across the country.   Little or no costs to the schools.

  • Turn-key: Mathnasium provides all games and materials for easy execution,  we even provide many of the volunteers.   

  • Offered in support of National PTA's STEM + Families Initiative

  • Help kids explore math at their own levels through games and activities

  • Empowering kids of all backgrounds to become interested in STEM education and careers

  • Mathnasium Math Nights provides fun and prizes.

We can help you hold a Math Night at your Elementary School! 

Contact us at

Homework Help - Norwell Public Library: Jan 27, 2020 

On January 27, Mathnasium of Hanover held a free program in collaboration with the Norwell Public Library. Through our First Step program targeting preschoolers and our free Homework help hour for students in grades 3-6, we exposed youth to our program through games, activities and a bit of our method. Check our website for similar programs coming soon!