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5 Ways to Help Your Child Feel Confident and Prepared the First Day of Middle School

Aug 13, 2018

Children starting middle school often worry about all the unknown elements of the coming year. Anxiety and confidence can spill from one area of life to another. If your tween or teen is feeling anxious about middle school math or making friends, ...

Improve Your Child's Math Skills While Making Dinner

Aug 9, 2018

If you are looking for a fun and educational way to connect with your children, try teaching them to cook. Cooking is an important life skill and helps engage their creativity. Cooking reinforces math skills such as fractions, unit conversions, es...

What Parents of 3rd and 4th Graders Need to Know About Helping with Math

Aug 4, 2018

Your eight to ten year old child will encounter some increasingly challenging concepts in math during third and fourth grade. These number concepts include: ·      Multiplying multi-digit numbers ·      Long division ·      Understanding ...

Does Your Elementary School Child Have This Critical Math Skill?

Jul 31, 2018

Research shows that fluency with single digit addition and subtraction is a critical component to success in math. Fluency builds confidence in mathematical abilities and helps kids catch on to new concepts easily. In fact, although math fact flue...

10 Reasons Now is the Best Time to Enroll at Mathnasium of Littleton

Jul 28, 2018

Are any of these math difficulties true of your son or daughter? Math grades are not what they should be. Your child says, “I don’t like math.” They did not score well in math on a standardized test or on the SAT or ACT. Math homework ...

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