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There's no risk to see if Mathnasium is a good fit! We'll spend time getting to know your child, play a game to see how they think about numbers, ask a few verbal questions, and do written problems to identify gaps in the math foundation. In the end, you'll get a chart of results as well as a complete list of topics to work on & we'll recommend a program based on your child's needs.

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Has Mathnasium made a positive impact in your child's life? Want to shout it from the rooftops? Let us thank you for it!! When your friend enrolls in a program and mentions you, we'll give you a $100 gift card (or donation to charity in your name) AND your child 25 rewards cards! So go shout it from the rooftops, and we'll all help more kids! Plus, doing math with friends is more fun!

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When you enroll more than one child in a membership, we're happy to reduce your tuition 10% for the second and subsequent child! Feel welcome to reach out about prices and scheduling availability. Discounts do not apply to Camp Mathnasium.

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