Mathnasium Alamo Assessments

Nov 7, 2023 | Alamo

Q: What is a comprehensive assessment?

A: We conduct both verbal and written assessments to identify your child’s strengths and areas for improvement, as well as, to gain a true understanding of how each student approaches and thinks about math. More importantly, our assessments don’t feel like a test – we use fun games and other interactive methods to ensure your child feels comfortable and confident.

Q: What things do you learn about a student when they take a comprehensive assessment?

A: At Mathnasium, we understand that assessments can sometimes feel stressful for students. That’s why we take a personalized and engaging approach to each assessment. We start by building rapport with your child, giving them a short center tour, and setting expectations. At the end of the assessment, we get a good picture of the gaps in the foundation of a student and the topics they already understand well.

Q: What is a customized learning plan?

A: Our assessments help us in building a customized learning plan for the student. If a student is struggling, Mathnasium will address their learning gaps so they can catch up and get ahead. For students who already excel in math, the instructors will work with them to expand their math skills and help them achieve their greatest potential. And if your student is 'doing OK,' when you know they could do much better, we can engage and motivate your child to reach new heights.

Q: How do you gauge progress?

A: We administer a quiz or a mastery check at the end of each topic and students are supposed to get at least 90% correct in that, in order for us to call the topic mastered. Once they complete all the topics of a learning plan, we do a post assessment to check their overall progress since the start of the learning plan. Parents are provided with a comprehensive chart showing the progress by each topic.