Mathnasium Brag Board

Nov 7, 2023 | Alamo

Mathnasium Brag Boards Question 1. How does Mathnasium celebrate its student’s success? We have multiple ways. We have a brag board where we display students achievements by displaying their mastery checks in the center and quizzes at school if they get 100%. We give out the 'student of the month' each month to one student with the highest number of mastery checks and attendance in the month.

Question 2. Tell me about student’s reactions to having their work on the brag board. Students eagerly check out their names on the brag board and will often invite their parents when they see their names on it

Question 3. What kind of work gets put up? Mathnasium Mastery Checks, School tests and quizzes

Question 4. Do you have a favorite memory of the Brag Board? We had a student who was very behind when they joined us but made a great progress in few months at Mathnasium. He was so excited to see his name on the brag board. This was the favorite memory of our brag board