Mathnasium of Alamo Ranch Update - March 26, 2020

Mar 24, 2020 | Alamo Ranch

Dear Mathnasium of Alamo Ranch Families:

We hope everyone is having a safe and healthy week.  We wanted to take a moment and update you on our next steps as we kick-off our instruction this week via video conferencing through our Mathnasium of Alamo Ranch @Home sessions. 

It has been very quiet this week being at the center and not seeing our hardworking Mathletes throughout the room.  That said, we are so proud of our team’s efforts to get everyone set up for their @Home sessions this coming week.

In addition, our team has been developing plans to enhance your Mathnasium of Alamo Ranch experience to provide support to both you and your student during their distance learning and “education continuity” packets that are being sent home for mom and dad to teach.  We’ll have more details on that in the coming days. 

For those new to our Mathnasium of Alamo Ranch @Home instruction, please remember:

  • @Home sessions must be scheduled.  We will share details on how to do that.  Please be sure your student signs in on-time for their session.  If they sign in late, we are not able to extend their session’s scheduled end time. 
  • The session length is the same as your student would normally receive. 

Scheduling @Home Sessions

  • For the week of March 23, our team will schedule your students’ sessions.  We feel for the first week, we will need to take this path to help ensure we get all of our students transitioned as smoothly as possible. 

Homework Help

Through the @Home platform we are able to help your Mathlete with their homework and distance learning material. 

  • Prior to their session starting, please email us a photo or scanned copy of the assignment.  You can send it to [email protected]
  • If your student is doing work via an online resource, they can either send a screen grab or a screen share functionality can be used.

As we noted, our team misses you and we look forward to seeing you next week @Home … Mathnasium of Alamo Ranch @Home … that is. 

We will provide additional tips in our next update regarding logging in for your sessions.  The platform is very user friendly.  We have no doubt you and your student will be able to quickly navigate it. 

As always, thank you for being a member of the Mathnasium of Alamo Ranch family.  Please let us know if we can answer any questions. 

Thank you