Where Are They Now? Catching up with previous Mathnasium of Annapolis students

Nov 22, 2022 | Annapolis

Hello from Mathnasium of Annapolis! Today we want to introduce you to one of our previous students, Anthony.

Anthony attended Mathnasium of Annapolis from October 2019 - July 2021.

Q: Do you remember what brought you into Mathnasium of Annapolis for the first time? A: I sought to enrich my math capabilities past what I was being taught in school, to hopefully learn up to and through calculus.

Q: How did enrolling in Mathnasium affect your academic future? A: Mathnasium helped me to get a head start on many of the topics I would later learn in school, so come the time when I was learning them in class, I was already sufficiently capable of knowing them.

Q: Do you still use the math you learned at Mathnasium of Annapolis today? A: Absolutely - I use math every day, which does still include the math I learned from Mathnasium (especially the higher end of math: competition problems, calculus, set theory, etc.)

Q: So, where are you now? A: I am currently the lead instructor at the Mathnasium of Annapolis, working towards getting accepted into a University to study math and use that degree for professorship (to teach math, and conduct math research).

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