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Desiree Bernstein

Desiree's career has been dedicated to serving our country and the children of New York. Desiree is a U.S. Navy veteran. She attended ministry school at Living Waters Institute in Pasadena CA. In 2000, she was sworn in as a NYC Chaplain with the United Chaplains for the State of New York. Chaplain Desiree worked for the NYC housing authority and created 23 programs to help strengthen traditional family values. One of her many successes was the creation of "The Super Gang?" kids program in Coney Island. This was a major children?s program to help children learn about the constitution and pray for government leaders which received mayoral recognition from former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Through the use of performing arts, Desiree has been able to reach young people through positive motivational assemblies where she spoke and performed in many of NYC's public schools. She has taught Christian American history to many young people, instilling pride in our nation. Desiree has now teamed up with her husband to help turn the general decline in U.S. children's math abilities and have fun in the process. She brings extraordinary energy and commitment to her new endeavor.

Yarisbel R

Senior Instructor
Yarisbel is an experienced senior tutor at Mathnasium. A doctoral student at the CUNY Graduate Center, Yarisbel has a Master's degree in American History. Yarisbel is also a History instructor at Brooklyn College. She credits her broad interests and her love of learning to the amazing scholars she had the privilege of working under as a student. After graduating from Brooklyn Technical High School with a Regents Honors degree in Biochemistry, Yarisbel attended the City College of New York and received fellowships and scholarships for her academic work andpublic policy research. While there, Yarisbel was also the co-founder of Women Lead Now, an on-campus humanitarian group. She graduated from City College with a Magna Cum Laude Honors degree in Latin American History. As a doctoral student, she has received fellowships for her research and academic record, and her experiences teaching in college-level classrooms serve as an excellent parallel to her responsibilities with students at Mathnasium. She is excited about the opportunity to help students of all ages with the innovative Mathnasium method.

Dmitriy K

Senior Lead Instructor
Dmitriy is currently an undergraduate of computer science at Kingsborough Community College with plans to transfer to John Jay with a major in applied mathematics and cryptography. Dmitriy became fascinated with math when, at 8 years old, he calculated how much money he could earn from his elementary school bake sale. Since then counting numbers and solving problems has always brought joy to Dmitriy. Dmitriy wants to make others fall in love with math the same way he did in the past. For almost two years Dmitriy has been an instructor for Mathnasium and during that his goal has always been to create an environment in which math is a fun, interesting and rewarding experience. By using his knowledge and deep passion for the subject, Dmitriy wishes to demonstrate to all of his students that mathematics is the most beautiful of them all.

Peggy P

Advanced Instructor
Peggy has a PhD degree in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University. After she finished her postdoc training at Duke University, she joined the university of Texas as an assistant professor. During her teaching at both undergraduate and graduate level, she witnessed an overwhelming fact that many students lacked the basic math skills necessary to succeed with university curriculum. Since then, she has been working diligently developing innovative methods helping students understand difficulty concepts and systems. Two years ago, she started tutoring kids from 4th grade to high school in her church community and has helped many students obtain their dream scores in various exams such as SHSAT, SAT, NY State Test, and Hunter Highschool Entrance Exams. She always makes sure students learn math skills in an interesting and adaptive manner.

James L

Advanced Instructor
James graduated CUNY with a Bachelor's Degree in computer science and mathematics. He enjoyed math as a child, but woke up one day with his interest gone. He rediscovered his love of math in college, and hopes he can help keep others from losing that love, or finding it again. James sees tutoring as an opportunity not just to teach, but to learn, as well. There is always something that can be done better; an alternative explanation that will make sense to someone new; some new exploration that piques curiosities to encourage mathematical engagement. Plus, working with kids is a lot of fun!

Richard G

Richard is an aspiring Pediatric Dentist with a passion for helping students. He continues to take the most challenging math classes available to him because of his fondness for the subject. Richard's love for helping students drives most of his efforts—like founding, managing, and acting as the primary instructor at the Grammar Club. Because of Richard's fondness for math and passion for teaching, he joined Mathnasium in our mission to help students reach mastery in mathematics.

Ricky S

My name is Ricky Solomon. I graduated with a B.A in Mathematics from SUNY Binghamton in 1977 and received my MBA in Management from Baruch College in 1981. I began my working career at New York Life Insurance Company in 1977 and worked there for 42 years until my retirement in 2019. I’ve always loved Mathematics and decided to study all facets of math during my four years at SUNY Binghamton. My love for Math led me to a career at New York Life that entailed setting, monitoring and implementing the premium rates for our small group product. This actuarial type work was very rewarding and I was glad that I was able to use my mathematical skills in my job. My love for Math, combined with my intent to teach younger children, led me to become a Stanly Kaplan tutor, a SYLVAN tutor and a Huntington Learning Center tutor. Although these tutoring centers allowed me to tutor both Math and ELA, it was the Mathematics tutoring that I loved the best. It is for this reason that I decided to work for Mathnasium at this time.

Bao Bao C

Bao Bao is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in dental hygiene at NYC College of Technology. As a young child, she has always enjoyed doing math as it was one of her strongest subjects. Throughout most of her academic career, she pushed herself to take the most challenging math courses to learn and expand upon her mathematical knowledge. She first began tutoring when studying trigonometry with her fellow classmates during lunch and realized the importance of building a strong math foundation. She took it upon herself to find different ways to explain concepts so that each individual learner can properly learn. After taking a semester with only science and liberal arts courses, she realized that she missed solving math problems. Combined with fond experiences of tutoring students at a different center, Bao Bao decided she wanted to return to Mathnasium to continue helping kids understand and enjoy math. Her goal is to help kids realize that math is not as difficult as they may think. It is just a puzzle, waiting to be solved!

Raymond C

Raymond is a senior attending Staten Island Technical High School. He currently wants to pursue a degree in engineering because of his love of exploring how things work. Raymond has taken many notable math classes, ranging from algebra to BC Calculus. In many of his classes, he noticed how even seemingly complex concepts can be broken down into simple steps full of basic mathematical concepts. This made it much easier for him to understand, and he was always happy to help whoever needed help. His curiosity and love for math and teaching led him to join Mathnasium to help students succeed.

Wafa B

Wafa is currently a software engineering major at Brooklyn Technical High School, and she aspires to major in biotechnology in college. She has completed a range of math courses, from algebra to her current AP Calculus BC class. Through her studies, she has realized that having a solid foundation in mathematics will not only enable students to excel in their math endeavors but also in related fields like computer science and physics. It serves as the backbone of our learning process! Wafa's love for mathematics started at a young age when she recognized that her passion for jigsaw puzzles was akin to her love for mathematics. Math problems are riddles, waiting to be solved. She believes maintaining a positive attitude towards learning mathematics is the key to success. She aims to bring this positivity to Mathnasium and help students tackle their math problems!

Sabastian S

Sabastian graduated from the University of Florida in 2019 with a Bachelor's Degree in anthropology, then graduated from Northeastern University in 2021 with an MBA and Master's Degree in accounting. He has always had a love for math and solving puzzles, taking part in math clubs and competitions in middle and high school. As the eldest in a large family, he spent much of his downtime since he was young tutoring students in every grade level. His passion for math has continued to burn throughout the years, using any extra class credits he could to take advanced math courses in college for fun. Now, he wants to help others find that same passion for the subject he's cherished for so long. Sabastian is dedicated to helping students unlock their potential and really enjoy learning.

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What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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