Parent Mathing Tip #6: Fractions | Mathnasium of Beverly Hills South

Nov 15, 2023 | Beverly Hills

About “Mathing” Tips: These tips give parents ideas for math exercises that will develop their child’s math abilities. Just as you should read with your child, you should “math” with them as well, using natural language that makes sense to a child. Doing math with your child is a great way to interact with them and help them learn about our world.

Today’s parent tip for “mathing” with your child focuses on fractions. Fractions can be introduced to kindergarteners and first graders. Start with the concept of half. Teach children that half means “two parts that are the same.” First demonstrate half with real things like cookies and sandwiches. Then, move to drawings of things and, finally, to numbers.

Download the activity here to practice fractions with your child.

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