What is the COVID Slide?

Apr 14, 2020 | Brecksville

You may have heard of the annual "Summer Slide"- the dreaded loss of learning in math and reading over the long summer break. Well this year, researchers say we are facing something much worse due to physical school closures from the Coronavirus. This year will be significantly worse and they are referring to it as the "COVID Slide".

Through past research, the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) found that students can lose anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months of learning from a typical school year over the summer. These findings can be even worse for mathematical content. Depending on the grade, students can lose half of their academic growth. These findings are also likely to be worse for vulnerable students facing educational differences. The NWEA study found that this loss of learning can affect 4th and 5th graders the most, as this is a time for rapid educational growth.

Our nation is focused on flattening the curve of the Coronavirus, but we can’t forget about the learning curve of our students. Local schools are evaluating how they are going to conquer the educational consequences courtesy of this unprecedented event. But there are things that can be done now to help these kids succeed.


What is Mathnasium Doing to Help?

Mathnasium has always been dedicated to the personalized development of all students no matter where they start. Here in Brecksville, we are running remote online instruction programs until the center is able to open again. Students continue to receive personalized material and direct instruction every session, to help keep students on track both in school and with their personal math goals.

Mathnasium of Brecksville is offering continued instruction through the summer, to support all students and minimize the effect of the COIVD slide. We assess each student's position and develop a personalized plan to fit the needs of the child. Mathnasium of Brecksville is dedicated to supporting the students of all surrounding school districts, to ensure that they kick off the next school year on track, or even better, AHEAD!

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