Meet Our Math Star!

Mar 11, 2022 | Brunswick


We'd like to introduce you to a very important student... our Mathnasium star! This student has been thriving at Mathnasium, and we want to celebrate that success!

Kids from all over North Brunswick, South Brunswick, East Brunswick, Milltown, Franklin Park can enroll at Mathnasium of Brunswick and experience impressive gains, just like our Mathnasium star. When your child enrolls with us at Mathnasium, they're likely to experience these 3 common changes:

1. Change of attitude! Many kids feel like they hate math, but really, they just hate being confused. When confusion changes to understanding, our students become excited about math. Who doesn't love overcoming a challenge and making it a strength? Elizabeth, a third grade student said, "It should be called attitude-asium!"</o:p>

2. Improvement in Grades! One of our favorite results is the measurable and significant gain students often see in their grades. (Woot woot!) Eileen P, a Mathnasium parent said, "Her report card received over the weekend shows a B- in math now. We're all smiles around the house!"</o:p>

3. Unlocking Confidence! When a child learns to master a concept that at first seemed daunting, they gain confidence. That confidence can spread to other arenas too. A proud Mathnasium mom said, "Kailee's confidence has improved tremendously in all of her subjects. Mathnasium has not only helped in math, it's helped in all her subjects. All of Kailee's grades have improved. She made the honor roll for the first time since pre-k!" </o:p>

Are you ready for your child to be our next math star? We'd love to meet you! Come see us at 1825 US-130, North Brunswick Township, NJ 08902 and meet our Director, Julia Jenson. We can't wait to get started! Sign up now for a Free Math Skills Assessment.</o:p>