3 Easy & Fun Outdoor Scavenger Hunts That Exercise Your Child's Math Skills (Free Printables!)

May 24, 2022 | Burlington

Summer is quickly approaching, which means that no school and more time at home is right around the corner! Without school to keep your child busy for the majority of the day, we’re sure you’re searching for some fun summer activities to occupy your child’s time. So, we’ve created three scavenger hunts that will not only get your child outdoors, but exercise their math skills, too! (It’s a win, win, right?) 

These scavenger hunts are a super fun and effective way to exercise your child’s math skills over the summer, which is crucial to keeping them on track. Countless studies show that failing to practice the concepts learned in school throughout the summer results in a shocking amount of learning loss. 

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Our Outdoor Math Scavenger Hunts

These scavenger hunts can definitely be modified to accommodate all age groups! For younger kids, just simplify what is asked (Ex. Change “Find something that is twice as long as your foot,” to “Find something that is bigger than your foot.”). For older kids, simply make the tasks more challenging (Ex. Change “Find 2 sets of 4 sticks,” to “Find 3 sets of 5 sticks. If you double the amount of sticks you have, how many would you have?”).


We hope you enjoy them!


Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: Basic Math Edition (Download Here)

This scavenger hunt is perfect for all ages and can be modified accordingly! All you need is the printed scavenger hunt list and a pencil.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: Measurement Edition (Download Here)

This scavenger hunt is especially perfect for 1st through 3rd graders who are working on their measurement skills. But, it’s also super fun for kids of all ages! Just print out the list, break out your rulers and a pencil, and get to work!


Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: Geometry Edition (Download Here)


This scavenger hunt is especially perfect for 4th graders and up (and, some 3rd graders!). It practices identifying basic shapes, and then more advanced angles. All you need is the printed scavenger hunt list and a pencil for this one!


Keep Your Child’s Math Skills Sharp This Summer With Our Fun-Filled Summer Sessions!

It’s no secret that your child really needs to keep exercising their math skills over the summer to avoid learning loss. Just like our muscles weaken if we don’t keep exercising them, the same applies for your child’s “math muscles.” 


That’s why Mathnasium of Burlington is here to help with our summer sessions! Spending just a little time at Mathnasium over the summer makes a dramatic difference in your child’s math skills. Not only will their skills and understanding improve, but they’ll be able to take on the new math school year in the fall with ease. They’ll also avoid the stress a lot of students face when they must not only quickly relearn old concepts, but learn new ones, too. 


What’s even better is that our summer sessions make math fun! They certainly aren’t boring or mundane, but packed with engaging games, challenging activities, and unique themes to not only make math exciting, but also nurture student’s enjoyment of math. So, go ahead and secure your child’s spot in our summer sessions by enrolling today! You can do so by calling or texting us at (336) 792-7000 or by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!