Math Is Becoming Increasingly Critical for Future Career Success. Here’s How to Help Prepare Your Child.

Jul 13, 2022 | Burlington


It’s 2022, and our usage of technology continues to grow each day. With this ever-increasing usage comes the ever-increasing demand for STEM jobs. In fact, according to the Future Jobs report by the World Economic Forum, we can expect to continue seeing a tremendous increase in the demand for jobs like data analysts, data scientists, AI specialists, engineers, software and application developers, and scientists. What do all of these jobs heavily rely on? Math, of course!

Even if your child isn’t interested in the STEM field, math is still essential in nearly every job, from graphic designers and construction workers to baristas and even caregivers dealing with medication. However, the term “math” is typically met with strong negative reactions from both students and adults alike. This poor view of math could negatively impact your child’s future career and hinder their success. For example, take a student whose poor view of math prevents them from passing the classes needed to become an engineer or even a student who refuses to work towards a career they’re interested in, simply because of the math requirements.

So, how can you help to prepare your child to confidently take on math with ease and subsequently promote endless possibilities of future career success? Read on for answers.

Help Shape Your Child’s Outlook on Math

This is super important; don’t skip this step! First things first: encourage your child to view math in the most positive light possible. No matter how hard they work at math and no matter how much their understanding of it improves, the real changes won’t happen until that pesky negative outlook is corrected. Our thoughts shape our reality, so your child will always negatively impact their performance if they are continuously focusing on how much they dislike or don’t understand math.

One very effective way to help your child reshape their outlook on math is to always help them to rephrase any negative statements you hear. For example, if you hear them say, “I hate math, I never understand it,” you can suggest that it’s okay to feel frustrated and that tough things require hard work sometimes. Encourage them to take a quick break to calm down, and reassure them that they are smart and will master this concept with a little more patience and practice.

Consider Looking Beyond School Resources

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that most students will not receive the support they need to truly thrive in math in the school system alone. In the public school setting especially, it is very difficult to provide enough individualized attention for each student to thoroughly grasp each concept.

This belief has been echoed by parents for a while, especially with the recent pandemic. One recent public opinion poll revealed that while nearly 85% of parents with children ages 4 to 18 feel that strong math skills are either “important” or “very important” to their child’s future career success, only 26% of parents feel that traditional schools provide adequate school resources and support for their child to do well in math.

Like anything in life, if students are given minimal support in math, but are nonetheless still expected to thrive in the subject, it’s not surprising that they would grow to not only fall behind, but to also strongly dislike it. That’s why we believe that all students are more than capable of not only thriving in math, but also enjoying it, if only they were given proper instruction and support.

In order to fill in the gaps that traditional school resources may neglect, we suggest doing the following:

Utilize Math Curriculum Books

Fortunately, there are TONS to choose from that can give your child that additional support they need to truly understand all math concepts. One that we recommend is Life of Fred, which helps students understand mathematical concepts through engaging and amusing stories about a man named Fred. Coupled with Mathnasium’s curriculum, this is what both Matrice and Jennifer - the owner and Center Director of Mathnasium of Burlington - used to solidify their childrens’ understanding of math!

Try Out the Numerous Math Help Videos on YouTube

One of the best things about our modern day and age is that there is an abundance of information available to us right at our fingertips, including awesome and helpful videos about math! With just a quick search of “math help,” YouTube will populate hundreds of videos that break down just about every single math concept there is imaginable. If your child is stuck on a specific concept and you’re searching for free math resources, give YouTube a try. However, we will warn you that the free videos don’t really provide that in-depth explanation your child might need. However, it’s still a great resource!

Receive Individualized Tutoring & Customized Learning Plans at Mathnasium

If you’d like to ensure that your child receives all the support and instruction they need to develop a solid understanding of math, receiving individualized tutoring and a customized learning plan is a fantastic choice.

Here at Mathnasium of Burlington, our specially trained math tutors meet your child where they are and ensure they are given the support and guidance they need to take them where they need to go. Using our proven Mathnasium Method, we create customized learning plans that are tailored specifically to your child’s unique needs. That’s why 94% of Mathnasium parents report that their child’s math skills and understanding have improved since beginning tutoring! In other words, one of the best ways to ensure future career success is by spending some time at Mathnasium. Even just spending a few times each summer strengthening those math skills will make a tremendous difference!

Prepare Your Child for Career Success By Scheduling Your Risk-Free Assessment Today!

Enrolling your child in our individualized math tutoring services could be the step that unlocks numerous career opportunities in their future! So, go ahead and schedule your child’s risk-free assessment today, where we’ll pinpoint your child’s needs and develop a customized learning plan to take them where they need to go. You can do so by calling or texting us at (336) 792-7000 or by completing our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!