Campbell: TriMathlon to Test Young Students’ Math Skills

Oct 7, 2015 | Campbell-Los Gatos

Grab your calculators and pencils for a competition aimed at getting local students excited about arithmetic.

Mathnasium, a business focused on helping students comprehend math, is hosting its fifth annual TriMathlon competition on Oct. 18.

“Our goal is to get students excited about math so they can learn and retain information as best as they can,” said Kobad Bugwadia, owner and director of the Campbell Mathnasium Learning Center.

The numerical competition is open to school-age students in grades 2-5. Students do not need to be enrolled in Mathnasium to participate. There is no cost for the competition.

At the TriMathlon participants will compete in three events that include developing their own math problem, counting by specific patterns and solving problems using mental math.

Students who participate this year will help earn money for local schools, according to Bugwadia. Mathnasium will donate sponsorship money on behalf of the competition’s participating students.

“Mathnasium is hoping to donate about $40,000 throughout the U.S. and Canada, too,” Bugwadia said.

The winning competitor from each Mathnasium site will go on to compete at another TriMathlon the following weekend. Grand prize winners will receive a Rubik’s prize pack and a Mathnasium scholarship.

All participants will receive a goody bag.

“The kids have fun every year, and I expect this year they’ll have even more fun,” Bugwadia said.

Students in the immediate area can register to compete at the Campbell-Los Gatos Mathnasium center located at 2511 Winchester Blvd.

This article originally appeared in the Mercury News: