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Big Brain Boot Camp

May 30, 2023 | Capitol Hill DC Blog

You can always spot the student who spent their summer with Mathnasium, and we'd love for that to be your child. Enroll them in our Big Brain Boot Camp! Unlimited Attendance = Unlimited Progress!

Camp Mathnasium is Here!

May 7, 2023 | Capitol Hill DC Blog

At Camp Mathnasium, math is part of their summer fun! Looking for a fun and engaging way to keep up your child’s math skills so they’re ready to go in the fall...? Make math a memorable part of your child’s summer by enrolling them in Camp Mathnasium!

Managing Your Math Sessions for our Capitol Hill Center

Apr 8, 2022 | Capitol Hill DC Blog

Scheduling Guide   Parents are responsible for booking / rescheduling / canceling their sessions. Any new sessions - whether individual or recurring - can be booked as far as 180 days from today.  Please check your schedule periodic..

Mathnasium@home Same instructors and Mathnasium Method you know from our center, face-to-face, online, in real time.

Mar 14, 2020 | Capitol Hill DC Blog

For parents with children at home, our new service, Mathnasium@home, allows students to continue to get the same face-to-face Mathnasium instruction from anywhere there's an internet connection. Mathnasium@home was developed over three years for custo..

Alexi Got Into Yale with Mathnasium's Math Tutoring! Watch an Artistic Teen Strike the Right Balance

Feb 2, 2020 | Capitol Hill DC Blog

Alexi was gifted in language arts, but his math skills weren’t enough to get him into Yale, his dream school. Enter Mathnasium. Our instructors are gifted too — in math tutoring! With our help, Alexi boosted his college board scores and landed the cov..

This Doctor's Life-Changing Moment Happened at Mathnasium

Feb 2, 2020 | Capitol Hill DC Blog

Every student deserves to experience that “A-ha” moment of understanding and confidence in math. Tutoring for math can make that moment possible. When it finally happens, it can change the course of their lives...

Jason Needed Mathnasium's Help to Get Into a Summer Program at Hopkins

Feb 2, 2020 | Capitol Hill DC Blog

Advanced students can stagnate without the right challenge to take them higher!  ..

When Math Class Wasn't Enough of a Challenge, Mathnasium Math Tutoring Helped This 5th Grader Soar!

Feb 2, 2020 | Capitol Hill DC Blog

Elizabeth came to Mathnasium Learning Center wanting to achieve and learn more. She was already strong in math, so our expert instructors provided math tutoring that challenged her mind in fun and fascinating ways, helping her reach level after new le..

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