Beat the "COVID Slide" with Mathnasium

Aug 11, 2020 | Cary IL

What is the COVID Slide?

Education Week released an article outlining a new curve we need to worry about flattening -- the “COVID slide.” The COVID Slide is the projected academic recession students will experience due to school closures. These projections take into account students learning relatively less new curriculum since mid-March as schools transitioned to remote learning and are based on trends from summer learning loss in past years.

Recent research by the NWEA stated that math was the academic subject hardest hit by the school shutdowns. The organization projected that some students could lose up to a full year of math comprehension if learning deficits are not addressed through additional instruction. Because math knowledge is cumulative, concepts missed now could take years to make up, jeopardizing future math learning.

Math Comprehension Will Suffer Most

Under COVID-19 school closures, student learning has taken a beating in all academic subjects, but math is hit hardest. Most children have gaps in their math foundation even during the best of times; trying to learn math online with a classroom of other students is an almost insurmountable challenge. Parents may try to help, but the vast majority feel poorly equipped to help their child with their math studies.

The resulting frustration (and, often, tears) that families experienced last spring is more than a short-term problem; it’s a slow-motion tragedy with long-term consequences for millions of students. Examining the NWEA’s research, The New York Times called the COVID slide “catastrophic,” saying it could sidetrack a generation.

Because math builds upon itself in layers, the number of children who are capable and confident in math will continue to fall drastically, even as educators, government and industry stress the importance of STEM-related subjects and careers.

How Can Mathnasium Reverse the COVID Slide?

Mathnasium's customized instruction is custom tailored to each student's individual needs. Tutoring should not just be someone helping a child finish a homework assignment or worksheet. Effective tutoring will help the child understand the math concepts and not just memorize something they will later forget. Mathnasium teaches math in a way that makes sense to the student, thus gaining true mastery - a skill they will keep with them.
In addition to our traditional program, Mathnasium has launched the Kickstart Program to address the loss of math skills and comprehension that resulted when schools were closed for the final 10-12 weeks of the academic year. "Mathnasium's thorough evaluation of standards and curriculum frameworks resulted in a series of strategic assessments that pinpoint learning gaps students have developed over the past few months," said Associate Vice President of Education and Training John Bianchette. "The combination of our customized learning plans and instructional methodology address those gaps and reverses the COVID slide."

Mathnasium of Cary offers programs both in-center as well as virtually, with live face-to-face instructors from our local center. If you are concerned about your child falling behind in their math learning and not being ready for a successful start to the school year, Mathnasium of Cary is here to help!

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