The Story of Your Local Mathnasium - Cedar Rapids

Jun 24, 2023 | Cedar Rapids

1. When was your center/re’s grand opening??

A: Our 1st location in Cedar Rapids was on Boyson Rd. We opened Sept. 8, 2010. In a few years, we outgrew that awesome location and opened a 2nd Center, on Pi Day 2014, on Edgewood Rd. Then a couple years later, Pi Day 2017, we found a central location and merged both centers into our current location, off Collins Rd.

2. Of all your employees, who has been with you the longest?

A: Kelly Alexman joined Mathnasium as an instructor in November 2011. She is AWESOME with both students and their parents. She quickly became an Assistant Center Director. Her degrees in Computer Science and Counseling Psychology are a great fit when working with students. In her words, "I feel privileged every day to share the Mathnasium methods with students. Helping them discover their own talents and increasing their confidence in both their abilities and themselves is a daily reminder of why I love working here."

3. Who is the owner/director of your center?

A: Our Owner, Jeanne Giles, whose dad was a math teacher and mom a science teacher, left her Actuarial position in 2010 due to her combined love of math and teaching. She also taught swimming lessons and kick-boxing! She is now addicted to pickleball! Because she is the "numbers person," she is in charge of remembering the score!

4. What local schools does your center serve?

A: We serve the Cedar Rapids and Marion school districts, in addition to, smaller surrounding communities such as Benton Community, Central City and Alburnett, and local private schools. Our highest attendance comes from Linn Mar schools of Excelsior and Oakridge Middle Schools, Echo Hill, Bowman Woods, Hazel Point Elementary and private schools of St. Pius X, St. Matthews, Regis, LaSalle, Summit and Isaac Newton Christian Academy. College Community, "Prairie" School are also well-represented

5. What are parents saying about your center?

A: Crystal Loftsgard recently wrote: "My son has done a complete 180° since starting at Mathnasium 18 months ago. His confidence has soared and he has not once complained about going to his sessions. As he wraps up his freshman year, I am so proud to say his highest score is in Algebra Prep!"

Maggie Votroubek says, "Our daughter has learned so much from Mathnasium and she now loves math. Thanks so much!"

There are so many but here are a few more recent comments we've received:

"Our daughter enjoys coming to Mathnasium! She has gained confidence in her math abilities!"

"My son has improved in his Math skills and understanding so much over the past year. At winter conferences, he was meeting his 5th grade standards which we had not seen since before second grade."

"You guys are amazing! We appreciate all you have done for Liam!"