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Assistant Center Director

Kelly has always loved math and teaching. With her B.S. in Computer Science and an M.A. in Psychology, her education prepared her well to work with parents and students at the center. Kelly tutored math for many years and also worked as a substitute teacher. But as an ACD, she gets to both work one on one with students and help develop the material they will be learning using all the many excellent Mathnasium tools and methods. It is her great joy and privilege to guide students to be confident math thinkers and watch their parent's excitement that their child is succeeding in math!

"I feel privileged every day to share the Mathnasium methods with students. Helping them discover their own talents and increasing their confidence in both their abilities and themselves is a daily reminder of why I love working here."

At home, Kelly and her husband Larry enjoy bicycle riding on all the wonderful bike trails. Gardening has also become a passion with an ever expanding flower garden.

Fun Facts: I am a “Potterhead”, I have read all 7 Harry Potter books many times! I would like to read a book about every President.


Assistant Center Director

Dustin has always had a big passion for Mathematics. He pursued the application of mathematics by obtaining an AAS in Electronic Engineering Technologies. He worked as an Engineering Laboratory Technician, and eventually as an Electronic Engineer.

Dustin never stopped attending college and received his BA degree in Mathematics from Mount Mercy University. He continues to self-teach in Mathematics.

Dustin started working at Mathnasium as an instructor in August 2014 and fell in love with the Mathnasium way. He believes learning math is more than just learning arithmetic. Learning math also trains the brain in deductive reasoning, thinking constructively, and problem solving. This can be seen as students who attend Mathnasium often see improvements in other subjects as well.

Dustin loves disc golf as a past time. He also enjoys biking, snowboarding, and learning to play chess. “While the wonders of mathematics amaze my mind the most, I'm also a fanatic for physics, enthusiastic about the universe, and crazy for the cosmos.”

Fun facts about Dustin: I landed a 180 backside boardslide on a rail, rotating to a frontside, dismounting with a 180, completing a 540 rotation in total. (What was that again?) Every winter, I build 2 quarter pipes with a fun box & rail for a small backyard terrain park.

Goal: To continue to get better at math. I am studying the Mathematics behind Einstein's Theory of General Relativity and also Quantum Mechanics to help understand Life, The Universe, and Everything. (42)



I have always enjoyed numbers and math, even from a young age. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame, where I studied math, philosophy, and theology. In the future, I hope I will always be able to work in an environment where I can use my math skills. I like Mathnasium because everyone here is very friendly, and enthusiastic about math!

Favorite Number: the golden ratio which is approximately 1.618, symbolized by the Greek letter phi. I like this number for its many interesting mathematical properties, and also because it can be found in many places in nature!

Favorite math joke: Life is complex; it has real and imaginary components!

Fun facts about Matt: I want to create a game for mobile devices, I have studied Spanish, German, Japanese & Ancient Greek.



I am a nerd at heart! I love learning and trying new things. My most recent hobbies include motorcycling, listening to K- Pop, and reading non-fiction books. I hold a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, a M.S. in Mathematics, and am a certified secondary Mathematics teacher. My special talent is finding Mathematics in everything from baking a pie, to watching a football game! I love Mathnasium because the curriculum builds conceptual understanding AND computational fluency.

Fun Fact about myself: I love to travel and have been to every continent. (Yes, even Antarctica.)

Favorite Math Joke: Parallel lines have so much in common.... it's a shame they'll never meet.

Favorite Number: 60. I love that it was used as the base for the ancient Mesopotamia number system and has endured to this day as our base for measurements of time.



I am a freshman at Kirkwood Community College. I plan to get my AS and then transfer to Iowa or Iowa State to get my Bachelor's in Computer Science.

I applied to Mathnasium because I enjoy teaching/helping people and math. I appreciate that Mathnasium strays away from traditional techniques by teaching on a case-by-case basis. Mathnasium allows for expansion and divergence where standard schooling is restricted to a curriculum.

Favorite number: My favorite number is 2^3, in congruence to Octagons, my favorite shape.

Favorite Math Joke: Why did the math book go to therapy? It had too many problems.

Fun facts about Jackson: During digital learning, I received the best grades I ever have. In middle school, I created a document filled with bad puns that I added onto frequently. One of my favorite jokes from it goes as follows: Two guys walk into a bar. The third one ducked.



Hi I am a senior at Washington Highschool taking AP statistics. I participate in band, cross country, and track. I am in the Amnesty Club, interact club and I am the green team leader at Washington. I plan to go to college to major in mathematics. I like Mathnasium because it helps a wide range of people in an encouraging and fun learning environment.

Math joke: PLAN (P+L)(A+N) PA+PN+LA+LN ......Your plan has been foiled

Favorite number: 6 because it’s divisors are it’s sum. (1+2+3)

Fun fact: I can solve a Rubik’s cube. I play 5 instruments, guitar, piano, clarinet, saxophone and ukulele.



Hi, I’m a senior at Xavier High School. I am involved in band, show choir, musical, dance (AND MORE). In my spare time I enjoy reading. I am currently taking Calculus II. I love Mathnasium because it not only teaches you math but also builds your confidence in math and in other subjects and activities as well.

Fun Fact: I was a student at Mathnasium for 7+ years!

Favorite Math Fact: The fibonacci spiral appears almost everywhere in nature: flowers, shells, storm patterns, and even in your face!



Hi, I am currently studying at Kirkwood with a focus on math and physics. I am interested in careers in the fields of STEM or psychology. I enjoy being outside, music, and caring for my animals. I love Mathnasium because students are able to learn at their own pace and work on topics that are individualized to their needs. It is a safe place for mistakes to be made and there are rewards for working hard.

Favorite number: Two

Favorite math joke: Why did 7 eat 9? Because it knows you’re supposed to eat 3 squared meals a day

Fun Fact about me: I own a variety of geckos and can do a backflip



I'm a recent graduate from Mount Mercy University with a Degree in Mathematics. My time at Mount Mercy included research on the relationship between math and music.

One thing I like about Mathnasium is the wide range of Mathematical content that is taught

Favorite Number: 2 because no matter if you add it or multiply it to any number it gets big kind of fast.

Favorite Math Joke: When you keep missing math class it starts to really add up.



Hi, I'm a junior at Linn Mar High School. I'm involved in Science Olympiad and Robins mock trial. I also make websites for the school administration, program competitively and I'm learning Chinese.

I applied to Mathnasium because I like helping people learn. It also improves my math skills too!

Favorite Number: I like 817 because it has my two favorite numbers in it, 8 and 7.

Fun Facts I know 4 programming languages: C#, C++, JavaScript, and Java. I also have a working knowledge of React, MongoDB, and Firebase. I plan to go for a PhD in some field in computer science, probably computational biology or machine learning.



Math has always been something I looked forward to in school and I love working with variables. I go to Linn-mar high school and will graduate 2025. I enjoy playing electric guitar and soccer.

I LOVE working at Mathnasium because I get to put a smile on peoples faces and help people learn.

Favorite Number: 3 has always been part of my life for no reason. It holds no significance other than luck.

Favorite Math Joke: "My girlfriend is the square root of -100. She's a perfect 10, but purely imaginary"



I am a junior at Xavier High School. I am involved in band, soccer, scouts, and robotics. Fun fact, my high school math teacher was once a Mathnasium Instructor.

I LOVE working at Mathnasium because I love to help others to learn. Plus, the math games are always a lot of fun.

Favorite Number: 2 because it is always easy and fun to work with. My birthday is also on July 2.

Favorite Math Joke: Math is the only place that someone can buy 73 watermelons and nobody wonders why.



I've studied computer science at both Kirkwood and UNI and have taught myself many programing languages. I enjoy playing both video and board games with my friends. I love watching TV and Youtube. I also enjoy Ice skating and swimming though I don't get to do those very often.

I love Mathnasium because it builds understanding and fluency instead of memorization.

Favorite number: Three, I picked it a while ago and don't remember why

Favorite Math Joke: Have you heard the one about 288, I'd tell you, but it's two gross.

Fun facts about Sam: I love building and taking apart computers and their components



I have a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering. I may eventually get a PhD in Physics. I have always loved science and math and I truly believe it is the universal language...literally...as in the language of the universe.

I love Mathnasium because it allows me to connect with young curious minds. I really enjoy tutoring and have been doing so since 2017.

Favorite Math Riddle: "Say 50 words that do not contain the letter A in them, within 30 sec." Just count to 50 really fast!!

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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