What Can New Students Expect at Mathnasium of Cedar Rapids

May 15, 2024 | Cedar Rapids

Q: What is the first thing a new student would do upon entering Mathnasium?

A: A new student will likely hear clapping when they walk in, as we celebrate each student's success. If this is their initial visit, they would receive a tour, and the best part is always the reward cabinet! A Center Director will have a math conversation with the student, and then they will take an in-depth assessment. Of course, we end with a game, the decorating of their binder spine and giving them their reward stars. Most students are excited to get started!

Q: What does the first session look like for new students?

A: Students arriving for their 1st customized session start by grabbing their binder. An instructor will direct them to a seat and help them get started by reviewing our procedures.

Q: Have you seen a student’s attitude towards math change?

A: Bradyn was practically dragged into Mathnasium with his arms crossed. He kept saying, "I hate math". A few weeks later, he was smiling and doing math pages and he said, "This is fun". The director teased him and said it couldn't be fun if he hated it. Bradyn's next quote "I don't hate it, now that I understand it". This is just one of the many students who now share our passion for math.

Q: What do you wish students and parents knew before they brought their student to your center?

A: That math is not meant to be hard. It is meant to be at the right level. Just because pages are easy does not mean those are not important. A strong foundation is the key, and that takes practice.

We'd like your new students to feel at home in Mathnasium too. Visit our website for more information today!