Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Chris Glance

Assistant Center Director
Chris joined the Mathnasium Centennial East for the Fall 2023 school year first as an instructor and quickly moved into our Assistant Center Director role! He is an Arapahoe High School alumni and a graduate of Colorado Mesa University with a degree in Pure mathematics. Having grown up in the Denver area he is looking to give back to the community of students and educators by sharing his passion for math in all forms. He likes to swim in his free time and knows he will share that love with students as well.

Joey Skene

Lead Instructor
Joey was born and raised in the Denver Metro Area. In his time at Mathnasium, he has discovered that learning only mechanics rarely leads students to success in math. Instead, he believes in showing students why math works and focusing on developing reasoning and logic from a young age to allow not only retention but ease when learning new concepts. Joey is currently studying Theoretical Mathematics at Metropolitan State University of Denver where his current research is in Number Theory and Linear Diophantine Equations. After he graduates, he hopes to pursue his Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics with a focus in Number Theory and Commutative Algebra. Joey is often seen working with our High School students at Mathnasium and helping the Center Director with assessment and learning and curriculum as our Lead Instructor.

Brittney Rodgers

Brittney returns to us this fall school year 2023 after taking a break from Mathnasium this summer to teach a college course. We are thrilled to have her back with all her Chemistry knowledge! Brittney holds a PHD in Chemistry from the University of Denver. She is quoted saying, "Chemistry relies heavily on a strong math skill set and I have experience working with students with various math educational background in my introductory level courses. I believe that all students are capable in math and science and just need various levels of assistance to make the material click for them. I often ask for feedback and regularly assess student learning to adjust and adapt to student progress." Welcome back Brittney!

Dave Silberberg

Dave joined our team in December 2023. Here is some insight on Dave! "The past ten years of my career were spent primarily in small-scale, small to medium quantity, manufactured product modification and design roles. I am currently transitioning into a career in education, and joined the Mathnasium team with an interest in increasing young students’ skills and confidence around mathematics. The mathematical fundamentals learned from kindergarten (and earlier) through senior year of high school exist everywhere in the world around us. Occasionally finding ways to relate the lesson topics to students’ hobbies, interests, and/or career goals, as appropriate opportunities arise, is enjoyable."

Lauren Schott

Lauren is a Colorado native and a recent graduate with her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the partnership program between CU Boulder and Colorado Mesa University. She has a passion for engineering, math, physics, and problem-solving. Lauren is excited to help students grow in their math skills and hopes to have a positive impact on those she has the opportunity to work with. In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, being involved in her church, going for runs, and staying as active as possible. A fun fact about Lauren is she has climbed 11 fourteeners and hopes to eventually climb all 58 in the state.

Adrien Baldauf

Adrien has had over 11 years of math tutoring experience. Math has always been his best subject! His favorite part about working at Mathnasium is building relationships with the students and teaching math in a way that makes sense to them. He always has creative ways of making math fun for the students. Taking it upon himself to provide several prize wheels for our center to make this center locations experience unique. His favorite math subject is probability and his favorite math subject to teach is Algebra. Adrien also enjoys playing video games and going to the movies!

Kasey Perlman

Kasey Perlman is our youngest instructor on the team! Starting with us as a student we noticed right away that she would be a wonderful addition to our team. Kasey will be entering her Sophomore year at Cherry Creek High School this upcoming Fall. Math has always been her favorite subject and she has competed in math competitions since elementary school including winning the Purple Comet Math Meet. She is very excited to combine her love for teaching with her love for math and thrilled to be a part of the Mathnasium Centennial East team! In her free time, Kasey enjoys theatre, rock climbing, coding, and graphic design.

Gautam Balakrishnan

Gautam joined us in August of 2022. His brother Govind instructed for us during his senior year but moved away for college this past fall. Gautam is entering his senior year at Cherry Creek High School. He's quoted saying, "Through out school math has always been more enjoyable to me rather than just a boring subject. I joined the Mathnasium team to help other kids understand and even enjoy doing math." He enjoys playing tennis, watching and playing basketball, and participating in robotics for fun. As an instructor he's known to take on students in a chess match any chance he gets.

Brenna May

Brenna joined the team in May 2023. She has always been very skilled in math, having even won multiple awards in her middle school's Math League. She also loves working with kids, so she felt that this would be the perfect summer job opportunity. Brenna will begin her second year at the University of Denver in the fall, where she is looking to major in either psychology or graphic design. Outside of Mathnasium, she loves playing video games, baking, building Lego sets, and snuggling with her pets.

Vedanth Sampath

Another Cherry Creek High Senior. Vedanth joined the team in September of 2022. Mathnasium allows Vedanth to teach kids about math and share his interest in teaching AND his interest in complex math topics. He enjoys playing chess, tennis and learning about engineering and physics.

Noah Williams

Noah Williams joined our team March 2023 and is a senior at Grandview HS. Noah is a huge sports fan, especially basketball and tennis. He loves watching the Nuggets and enjoys playing tennis for his high school team. He is quoted saying, "Math means a lot to me because of how useful I find it in every day life." He wants to be able to share how applicable math can be to our students as well. Math has always been a big part of his life with clubs and competitions, which ultimately led him to inquire about instructing at Mathnasium Centennial East!

Abhinav Krishna

Abhi is a Junior at Cherry Creek High School and joined the Mathnasium staff in November 2023. Abhi is involved in Debate and Math Club at school. He enjoys playing tennis as well. He's excited to share his love for math with the Mathnasium students.

Jake Brown

Jake joined the team after previously attending the Cherry Hills location as a student and then becoming an instructor there! Jake is a Cherry Creek High school Senior and has been in honor and AP classes all through High School and is currently taking Calculus. He plans to study nuclear engineering in college following graduation.

Benji Simberg

Benji is Cherry Creek High School student. He says math has always been a fun subject for him in life and he uses it every day to do things he loves. Benji's hobbies of chess and astronomy use coordinates, geometry, and more advanced calculus in order to find objects in the sky or calculate variation and positions. He joined the Mathnasium team because he wanted to pass on his own love for math to young and imaginative students. "I think math is not only interesting because it's complicated, but it can help everybody to understand more about our world, no matter where they are from. Teaching math makes both me and the kids happy and that's how math should be taught."

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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