ioannis melenikiotis - owner's Founding Story of Mathnasium of Chapel Hill

Jul 27, 2022 | Chapel Hill

Mathnasium of Chapel Hill wants to introduce you to our Owner, ioannis melenikiotis - owner

Q: Why did you choose to own a Mathnasium center? A: Three things impressed me towards owning a Mathnasium center, the first being Larry Martinek's life story, the second being how the three founders established Mathnasium, and the third of course is the full Mathnasium Method which time and again demonstrates how making math make sense helps committed students master math so they can critically apply it whenever they need math, be it at school or professionally in life after that!

Q: What do you like about the city your Mathnasium center is located in? A: Chapel Hill is a vibrant city, seat to one the three major universities in the Triangle area, where education is valued and everyone is so friendly!

Q: Can you think of any way that your center has positively impacted the community that it’s located in? A: Mathnasium has so many success stories, which if all counted would not fit in this space. The striking detail is these stories are recognized by the parents and students themselves.

Q: Did you like math when you were in grade school? A: I really did although I went through a rough patch in lower high-school when working with a substitute teacher for that academic year who did not completely make those concepts make sense to me. I realized it the year after when things clicked back into place with the new teacher. I helped my sister through her fractions and she still speaks

Q: What do you think you would have liked most about Mathnasium if you had attended when you were in grade school? A: the number-sense outlook to math and in particular the way Mathnasium teaches percentages! had I had that knowledge then it would have made checking my answers a lot easier.

Q: One last question, what’s something fun you enjoy doing in Chapel Hill? A: When away from Mathnasium, I spend time with family, cooking, reading, and visiting different places and friends.