What to give math lovers this holiday season

Dec 14, 2022 | Charleston

Do you have a math lover? Do you want a stocking stuffer that says, "Hey, I know you like math"? Or, maybe you want to raise a math lover and are looking for a fun way to slip in a fun, engaging holiday gift that promotes loving math. Check these ideas out

Math Books Math books are great gift ideas for kids to engage in math learning at their own pace. Regardless of age or skill level, there are great math books for kids.

K-2: The Doorbell Rang: This picture book introduces students to the basics of counting, addition, and subtraction. With its light-hearted approach, this book allows students to engage with math and enjoy learning.

3-6: Life of Fred: This book is perfect for any student who is beginning to learn about fractions or is looking to improve their skills. This book comes with a variety of different topics, allowing you to pick the perfect gift based on the child’s interests.

7-8: This is NOT a Math Book: This is the ultimate STEAM book that improves students’ geometry skills through the use of art. This disguised learning method engages left and right-brained students and allows them to learn through hands-on learning.

Math and Pattern Blocks Math and pattern blocks are a great way to engage young kids in math. They are also great for aligning geometry to number patterns. Other excellent skills to learn using these manipulatives are sorting, counting, comparing, and graphing…but your kids can just have fun with the blocks and might not even realize they are learning.

Math Board Games Playing math board games is a fun way to engage with math, it’s also a great way to learn essential soft skills such as communication and collaboration and a wonderful way to spend time with family. A great math board game to use at home is Prime Climb. This game helps children practice multiplication, division, and prime numbers. Our list of Must Have Board Games this season includes: Space Lion, Trekking through History, Welcome To, Lucia, Small World, Flick 'Em Up, and Canvas

There are so many ways to introduce and incorporate math into the gifts and we want to wish you and your families, a warm and welcoming holiday season filled with health, happiness and love.