Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Alex Mashett

Assistant Center Director
Alex Mashett is a distinguished member of our Mathnasium team, bringing a unique and enriching background to our learning community. With a degree in Greek & Roman Classics from Temple University, Alex combines a rich appreciation of history and culture with a deep-seated passion for mathematics. For over five years, Alex has dedicated themselves as an instructor at Mathnasium, where he has become known for his commitment to leading students to a profound understanding of the fundamental principles of mathematics. Beyond the classroom, Alex nurtures a love for programming and music, integrating these interests to create a vibrant, multidisciplinary teaching approach. He not only enlightens but also inspires students, fostering a learning environment where ancient wisdom and modern technology harmonize to unveil the beauty of mathematics.

Carly Elmer

Carly is a high school student at Perkiomen Valley High School. She is an enthusiastic learner and instructor who enjoys watching students learn to love math as much as she does. Carly hopes to individualize each student's experience and help students to better understand the importance of math in the real world. Outside of Mathnasium, she is an avid leader on her school’s varsity field hockey team, Link Crew, and a member of the National Honors Society. She is eager to encourage students to reach their fullest potential and hopes to make each student’s experience better every day.

Jake Moore

Jake is a dedicated Junior at Perkiomen Valley High School, where he finds his passion in mathematics and sharing it with others. Apart from his studies, he enjoys indulging in video games and basketball. Jake's interests extend to music, where he contributes his talents as a viola player in the Perkiomen Valley High School Orchestra. Currently enrolled in AP Calculus AB, Jake aspires to pursue further studies in mathematics and engineering in college. His ultimate goal at Mathnasium is to inspire a love for learning in children, fostering a dynamic and enjoyable educational atmosphere every day.

Janet James

Janet, a student at Methacton High School, finds joy in her 10th-grade Honors Algebra II class. Her passion for mathematics extends beyond the classroom as she enjoys working with and teaching kids. As a student at Mathnasium, Janet has found invaluable support in mastering higher-level math concepts. She emphasizes the significance of Mathnasium in reinforcing fundamental math skills and fostering a deeper understanding of the subject. Janet believes that through Mathnasium, everyone can achieve success in their academic pursuits.

Sophia Germany

Sophia, a dedicated student in the Spring-Ford School District, exhibits outstanding aptitude in mathematics, having completed algebra and geometry courses two years ahead of schedule. Currently excelling in 9th-grade honors Algebra II, she is also a student at Mathnasium, where she has further accelerated her math studies. Passionate about math education, Sophia is eager to share her knowledge and cultivate a love for mathematics among children. She firmly believes in providing everyone with the opportunity to excel in math, recognizing its integral role in daily life, and is committed to supporting others in their academic endeavors.

Sivin Mathew

Sivin's love for math and his continued excellence in the subject throughout school prompted him to get a Bachelors's and Master's in Applied Mathematics - Engineering. He developed a deep level of respect for the teaching process during his university days while tutoring math courses to college-level students. Watching children's expressions of wonder when they master complex topics using simple tricks is his main reason to join the Mathnasium family. He hopes to emulate the same level of ease and fondness for the subject among his students. He is a believer in every student's potential and knows that any student can reach their potential with the right guidance.

Sonia Kapoor

Sonia's passion for mathematics has been a driving force since her childhood, leading her to pursue a Masters in Mathematics. With over 8 years of experience as a high school teacher, Sonia now brings her expertise to Mathnasium as an instructor. Beyond her proficiency in teaching mathematics, Sonia finds true fulfillment in sharing her enthusiasm for the language of numbers with her students. Utilizing a diverse range of tools and techniques, she excels in helping students grasp abstract concepts and demonstrates how math intricately describes the world around them.

Madison Hoang

Madison, a senior at Spring-Ford, holds a deep passion for mathematics, particularly in assisting classmates who face challenges with their lessons. Beyond academics, she finds joy in crocheting, spending time with her dogs, and delving into books. Embracing the Mathnasium ethos, Madison is committed to fostering a positive learning environment and aims to inspire her students with her own enthusiasm for math. Her ultimate goal is to instill in her students a love for math akin to her own.

Abbas Peera

Abbas, a senior at Spring-Ford High School, finds his passion in calculus and economics, relishing the opportunity to solve complex problems and share his insights with peers. Currently enrolled in AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics, Abbas also dedicates his time to leadership roles in VEX robotics, Cross Country, and Track outside of school. With a keen interest in inspiring young minds, Abbas eagerly leverages the diverse resources available at Mathnasium to encourage children to delve deeper into the realm of mathematics.

Namya Peethambaram

Namya, a sophomore at Spring-Ford High School, finds her academic passion in math and physics, with a particular enthusiasm for dissecting and solving problems. Currently enrolled in AP Calculus AB, Namya also indulges in her hobbies of dancing, reading, and crocheting outside of school. Committed to fostering a love for math in others, Namya enjoys assisting Mathnasium students in their learning journey, striving to make math enjoyable and accessible for all.

Alijawad Peera

AJ, a freshman at Spring-Ford High School, harbors a keen interest in biology, engineering, and mathematics, thriving in his current pursuit of Honors Pre-Calculus. Engaged in extracurricular activities such as VEX Robotics, Med Club, and Math Club, Alijawad also finds enjoyment in playing soccer and various sports with friends. Eager to utilize his mathematical prowess, Alijawad looks forward to leveraging his skills to support students at Mathnasium, aiding them in their learning journey and enhancing their mathematical abilities.

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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