#MathLove 2022

Feb 1, 2022 | Columbia



We're a company of people who love sharing our love of math with others. As part of our mission to change lives through math; this February we want to share our love of math with you!

Here's how!

💕 Check in on social media from now until Valentine's Day to find out why our team loves math - we'll be posting quotes from our center management team, instructors, and our support team!

💕 Stop by the center to grab some special #MathLove valentines for friends and family, or download and print your own here!

💕 Share your love of math with those around you and then share your #MathLove stories with us! Tag us on social media, send us a message, and/or make sure your student tells their instructor how they've been sharing their love of math during their next visit.

Here are some #MathLove stories we've received from our parents over the past year:
"Since my son started to attend Mathnasium, he has a better understanding about math. Before, it was very complicated for him. The Columbia center has been amazing to work with."
"My son actually likes math now. This is an accomplishment. Thank you Mathnasium!"
"The best gift I could have given my daughter. Her grades improved and she was able to surpass her grade level by one year."

We can teach your child to love math too!

Call us today at (410) 997-6284 to get started!