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The Importance of Setting Math Goals

Jan 2, 2023 | Columbia Blog

Whether a child is falling behind because they struggle with the material or because they’re not being sufficiently challenged, research shows that empowering students to make their own decisions with regard to their education increases levels of engagement, and improves academic performance!

#MathLove 2022

Feb 1, 2022 | Columbia Blog

    We're a company of people who love sharing our love of math with others. As part of our mission to change lives through math; this February we want to share our love of math with you!   Here..

Summer Bingo

Apr 29, 2021 | Columbia Blog

What is Summer Bingo? At Mathnasium, we make math fun - and to that end we provide extra incentives to our students who attend over the Summer through our Summer Bingo activities! Every year from May to August we provide a chance for students to com..

Welcome James, JoAnn, & Nicki to Mathnasium of Columbia!

Apr 1, 2021 | Columbia Blog

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce Mathnasium of Columbia is under new management by JoAnn Temple, James Shockley-Temple, and Nicki Atwood! Mathnasium of Columbia is their 19th Mathnasium and they are proud to be one of the top performing Mat..