Mathnasium Session Scheduling Reminders

Jan 16, 2024 | Columbus Bradley Park

Please be aware that we have fully transitioned to using our new session scheduling app, VAGARO, and that ALL math instructional sessions must be scheduled in advance through this app. Our center will NOT be able to accomodate students who are unscheduled or who are scheduled for a different time slot than when they arrive.

Due to several complaints about lack of scheduling availability, we will be enforcing new attendance policies aimed at enhancing the quality of service for our students. We are aiming to minimize missed appointments in order to maximize our instructors' effectiveness during instruction. We will also be adding additional slots during our busiest hours to accomodate as many students as we can.

You must cancel your reservation via the Vagaro app within 2 hours of your scheduled session if you will NOT be able to attend. If a student misses their scheduled session, that session WILL still be counted against their monthly total UNLESS the session is cancelled or rescheduled via the Vagaro app within 2 hours of your session time.

Remember that the Vagaro scheduler allows you to reserve sessions up to two weeks in advance and there is a waitlist feature. The waitlist feature will send you a notification in the event that a student has cancelled an appointment and there is now an open spot available. This waitlist feature should become more useful in the near future due our enforcement of this new attendance policy. You can view a list of all of your currently scheduled Mathnasium appointments within the Vagaro app (as well as a list of all your previous appointments).

Don't forget to CHECK OUT after adding session appointments to your cart. You can add multiple days to your cart to schedule session for several days simultaneously, but remember that your session reservations will not be finalized until you CHECK OUT!