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Nick van Vliet

Operations Director
Nick graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Finance from Cal State University Northridge. He first joined the Mathnasium team in 2014 after learning about the impact that Mathnasium was making in students' lives. After working as the Center Director in Irvine for 2 years, he made the transition to help serve the Diamond Bar community and currently oversees 4 Mathnasium centers. He is committed to creating an encouraging environment where students can build confidence and conquer math while still having fun. His goal is to ensure that students have an effective, engaging, and encouraging learning experience that cultivates an intuitive understanding of math. Nick loves teaching, coaching, and encouraging students to work hard and rise up to their potential. In his spare time he enjoys playing sports, snowboarding, competing in any game known to man, bbqs, and reading.


Emily is a senior attending Diamond Bar High School. Currently, she is taking Calculus BC as her math class this year. In the future, she hopes to work in the Special Education field so she began her journey helping students at Mathnasium. During her free time, she enjoys surfing, making matcha, and thrifting.


Kyle is currently pursuing a bachelors in Aerospace Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona. His academic goals include a specialization in astronautical engineering and a minor in mathematics. Math has always been a passion for Kyle, igniting a spark from his early introduction to the abacus. Since then, he has enjoyed assisting peers with math as he loves to help others improve at a subject that he is passionate about. In his free time, he enjoys an array of interests, including playing video games, arcade rhythm games, and customizing keyboards.


Emil is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Cal Poly Pomona. He enjoys working with numbers and also minors in Accounting. In high school, Emil was a math tutor in the Math Club, helping classmates and underclassmen understand challenging mathematical concepts and solve complex problems. Additionally, he has done volunteer work as part of the Volunteen organization, helping staff at daycares and community events. As someone who enjoys helping others, Emil strives to assist Mathnasium students with their math studies and ignite their passion for the subject. Some of his hobbies include reading books, playing games, and archery.


Aron is currently a senior at Walnut High School, where he has taken both AP Calculus AB and BC and is currently taking AP Statistics. He loves working to teach students and make them invested in learning and understanding math. At school, he is the vice president of the Cash Flow club and the swim team. In the future, he wants to pursue a career in Aerospace Engineering or Computer Science. In his free time, he enjoys constructing RC planes.


Jake is a Cal Poly Pomona student, currently pursuing a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. After joining Mathnasium as an instructor, he discovered his passion in teaching math! In his spare time, he enjoys lifting weights at his school's gym, with shoulder presses being his favorite exercise. At home, he loves to cook, play video games, and chess. Jake firmly believes in the power of hard work as the key to achieving any goal!


Nina is currently a senior at Diamond Bar High School. She took AP Calculus AB last year and is currently taking AP Calculus BC. Nina enjoys working with kids, often volunteering at the Children’s program at her church as well as babysitting. At school, she is a member of the varsity swim team. In her free time, Nina enjoys hanging out with friends, crocheting, and going to concerts.


Evelyn is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Economics at Arizona State University. She enjoys both teaching student math and math itself, due to the essential critical thinking skills that it provides and reinforces. Evelyn initially discovered her true love for math when studying the game theory surrounding traditional riichi mahjong and applying that theory to many other aspects of her life. She hopes to help the students of Mathnasium discover the wondrous things math can do, just as she has.


Sabrina is a senior at Diamond Bar High School where she is currently taking AP Calculus BC. She has always enjoyed working with children and tutoring classmates, so teaching at Mathnasium just made sense! Committed to making a difference in the lives of others, Sabrina hopes to pursue a career in the medical field. In her free time, she enjoys reading, practicing film photography, and rewatching her favorite movies and shows.


Kris is currently enrolled at Chino Hills High School as a senior, where he has taken Trigonometry / Pre Calculus, and is currently taking Calculus AB. He loves tutoring and teaching to help children improve their skills, especially math! Kris also has prior experience tutoring students at Wickman Elementary School in varying grade levels, which led him to find a strong passion for teaching! Kris is also currently striving to become a teacher, to get a degree in education, and hopes to influence all the kids that he tutors so that they can strive in their lives as well. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, going out with friends, and occasionally watching anime.


Jadyn is currently a senior at Diamond Bar High School. She took Trigonometry and Math Analysis last year and is currently taking AP Statistics. She used to babysit in her free time and tutor her peers at school, which is what inclined her become an instructor at Mathnasium. Math is also her greatest strength at school, so she finds enjoyment in helping others that have a difficult time with the subject. In her free time, she enjoys trying new restaurants with friends, going to concerts, and traveling.


Kaylan is a current senior at Walnut High School, where she has taken AP Calculus AB and is now taking AP Calculus BC. She loves interacting with kids, and has virtually tutored and been a summer camp counselor before. At school, she is involved in badminton and various clubs. Outside of school, she likes to play video games, watch k-dramas, and hang out with friends! In the future, she hopes to pursue economics and eventually go to law school.


Born in Seattle, Kevin was raised in San Diego. From an early age, he had a passion for the clarity and beauty of math. In high school, he studied past Calc BC and started college level math; as well as enjoying competitive math such as the American Math Competition(s) (AMC) and the American Invitational Math Exam (AIME). In 2015, he decided to attend UCLA for Computer Science and Engineering, when he encountered the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and entrusted his life to his Savior. After two (2) leaves of absence -- including several years spent in Korea -- he recognized that he ought to pursue different opportunities to glorify his God. Kevin joined Mathnasium in the fall of 2023; and outside of operating hours he enjoys running, fellowshipping with friends, and spending time with his mother.



Chris Hoover

Chris first joined the Mathnasium team in December of 2017 as an instructor. After becoming a rising star in the center, he was quickly promoted and spent 2 years as the Assistant Director prior to becoming Center Director. He received his Bachelor's degree in Physics at Cal Poly Pomona and is continuing his education by doing research with a professor at the university. Chris enjoys playing video games and recently started learning to play the Kalimba, his first instrument. He loves working with all kinds of math, and loves teaching it even more. It is Chris's goal to help Mathnasium students grow to be the best they can be.

Chen-Jia Cheng

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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