The Crucial Role of Back-to-School Math Review

Jul 24, 2023 | Eagle Rock

As summer draws to a close, preparing your child for the return to the classroom should include revisiting and reinforcing their math skills. Refreshing their math knowledge helps combat the summer slide, which in turn boosts confidence and establishes a solid foundation for the upcoming academic year!

The Impact of the Summer Slide on Math Learning:

Over the summer break, students can experience a decline in their academic skills, particularly in subjects like math. Math is a subject where new knowledge builds on what was learned before, so if kids don't practice regularly over summer, they can find it challenging to keep up with new material when they go back to school. This can lead to feelings of discouragement, because they think they're not as good at math as before. That's why it's important to address the summer slide and prevent this decline in math skills.

Advantages of Refreshing Math Skills:

Reversing the summer slide: By revisiting previous math concepts, you can effectively counter your child’s summer learning loss and ensure a smoother transition for your child as they return to school.

Boosting Confidence: Reviewing last year's math builds confidence, preparing your child for new academic challenges.

Reinforcing Foundational Skills: Strengthening foundational math skills enables better comprehension of complex topics.

Fostering a Positive Attitude Towards Math: Engaging and interactive math review creates a positive attitude towards the subject, encouraging a lifelong love for learning.

How Mathnasium can help:

According to the Harvard School of Education, the best way to reverse math learning loss is to enroll your child in a dedicated supplemental math program. As the foremost provider of supplemental math education, Mathnasium offers:

Free Math Skills Assessment: The diagnostic assessment identifies which skills your child already knows and which ones need review.

Personalized Learning Plans: Customized learning plans address your child's specific math needs.

Engaging and Interactive Sessions: Experienced instructors create a fun learning environment.

Emphasis on Long-term Retention: Deep understanding ensures lasting knowledge.

Confidence-building Environment: Mathnasium centers provide a supportive atmosphere for embracing challenges.

With help from Mathnasium, you can rest assured that your child receives the necessary guidance to combat the summer slide and tackle the upcoming academic year with confidence!