How to Increase your Math ACT or SAT Score

Sep 14, 2016 | East Montgomery

Four Quick tips to scoring well on the Math Portion of the ACT or SAT


1. Make sure your student has a strong Algebraic foundation. Close to 70% of the test is tested on basic Pre-Algebra and Algebra skills. If your student does not have a strong understanding of basic algebraic computations and concepts, no amount of preparing will give them a score that is significant in helping them get into college or getting a scholarship.


2. Encourage them to prepare before they take the test the first time. Imagine that taking the ACT or SAT is their opportunity for your student to compete for spots in colleges such as Auburn or Alabama and/or compete for scholarships. It is unheard of for someone to go to an sporting competition and not practice or prepare. There are plenty of practice tests that they can take online, or just purchase a practice book and allow them to practice at home.


3. Do not cram right before the test. Cramming and learning math concepts at the last minute does more damage than it helps. It creates stress and anxiety that can result in the student doing poorly on the test. It is better to prepare gradually in a non stressful way.


4. Work on Computational Fluency. This is the ability to compute numbers in your head quickly and efficiently. This saves valuable time and energy on problems that require more time and critical thinking. We call it building one's MATH MUSCLE at Mathnasium.


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