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Mathnasium of Fountain Hills Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Apr 14, 2022 | Fountain Hills Blog

Mathnasium Online Tutoring Comes to Fountain Hills

May 1, 2021 | Fountain Hills Blog ..

A Home School Mom's Experiencing Outsourcing Math Lessons to Mathnasium

Dec 9, 2020 | Fountain Hills Blog

It's okay to outsource math in your homeschooling. Julie made it clear from our first conversation; she did not want her daughter to share the same math experience she had in school. Over a year later, she took the time to share her ex..

Mathnasium Students Have an Edge at School

Dec 2, 2020 | Fountain Hills Blog

You can see it in their grades, you can sense it in their attitudes and you can certainly feel it when they shoot their hand up in math class to answer a question. Mathnasium students perform better in math class.  The math skills they build at Ma..

What are Mathnasium Instructors Like?

Nov 29, 2020 | Fountain Hills Blog

So, what type of instructors do we hire at Mathnasium? Who will be working with your child? Will they be able to connect? Will they be qualified? These are the questions that run through parents' minds before enrolling their children into our prog..

We Turn the Table on Student and Instructor

Nov 21, 2020 | Fountain Hills Blog

Time to put our money where our mouth is!  Yes, our students understand the math they are taught.  Mathnasium students are ready to show off their math skills in a non-rehearsed pop quiz for you to enjoy. We love to hear them explain math in their own..

Why Mathnasium Avoids Helicopter Tutoring.

Nov 19, 2020 | Fountain Hills Blog

Ready for the new term of the day?  Helicopter Tutoring. It happens when a tutor lingers over the shoulder of a student, not allowing them to make mistakes or think for themselves.  Unfortunately, this can result in A's on homework assignments and much lo..

Does the Way Parents Invest in Their Children Make Sense?

Nov 17, 2020 | Fountain Hills Blog

Sports, music lessons, ballet are wonderful--Mathnasium is supportive of children developing many different skills. Let's make that clear.  However, importantly, a recent article highlighting Ameritrade's annual study on household..

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