Mathnasium FV Update

Mar 21, 2020 | Fountain Valley
Mathnasium FV Update
We hope your family is safe and coping well with the need for us all to stay at home as much as possible.
Your children's education must continue. Mathnasium is committed to delivering high-quality math education to your children, right in your home, for as long as at-home instruction is necessary. Furthermore, at-home instruction will remain an option even after it is possible for your children to be taught at a Mathnasium Learning Center.
Fortunately, Mathnasium has a tool at hand to achieve those goals: Mathnasium@Home.
However, Mathnasium is encountering challenges.
This is not surprising. Mathnasium had planned to introduce Mathnasium@Home gradually, region by region. Furthermore, experience had shown that only about 5% of students given the option would choose Mathnasium@Home in favor of instruction at their local Mathnasium Learning Center. Mathnasium planned to provide capacity to meet that level of need.
Because of COVID-19, Mathnasium@Home must somehow be made available as soon as possible to 100% of Mathnasium students. This is a difficult task, to say the least.
As you know, the Mathnasium@Home system was pushed well beyond its capacity on Monday, and has been unavailable to us since.
Mathnasium is working feverishly to increase capacity and make Mathnasium@Home available again.
The original goal to make Mathnasium@Home available this coming Monday is unlikely to be met. We have been advised that Mathnasium@Home will likely be available well before the end of March. But no particular date has been promised.
So what does this mean for you?
Because of COVID-19, our families have already suffered 3 days when Mathnasium instruction should have been available, but was not. The statewide stay-at-home order prevents us from offering instruction at all until either the order is lifted or Mathnasium@Home becomes available.
Mathnasium of Fountain Valley will take steps to assure that all current customers are compensated for days when Mathnasium instruction was unavailable.
We do ask for your patience. All businesses in the country (except grocery stores 😊) are scrambling now to find ways to pay their bills in the face of little or no revenue. Mathnasium of Fountain Valley is no different.
Similarly, many families are struggling to find ways to pay their bills in the face of little or no income.
We all need to help each other through this crisis. Mathnasium of Fountain Valley is determined to return as soon as possible to teaching math to your kids, and to assure you that you receive value for the money you have paid us. For our families that are facing financial hardship, we intend to continue teaching your children whether or not you can pay.
We ask for everybody's support while we work to support all of you.