More Info on Summer 2021

Jun 29, 2021 | Fountain Valley

The pandemic is winding down, and summer is finally getting started!

Here are some changes that will take effect over the July 4th weekend. We think you will like them.
  • Instruction hours, both at the center and on Mathnasium@Home will be Monday-Friday, 3:00-7:00.
  • As usual in the summer, we will not have weekend hours.
  • We will return to drop-in attendance at the center.
  • In other words, appointments will no longer be necessary for in-person sessions at the center.
  • However, appointments will still be necessary for Mathnasium@Home.
  • Students will use the front door for both arrival and departure.
  • Students and staff will no longer be asked health-screening questions upon arrival.
  • Parents and guardians will be allowed to use the waiting area in the center, but must wear a mask while in the center.
  • Sneeze guards will not be used unless the parent or guardian directs that a sneeze guard be used for their child.
Here are some things that will not change right away.
  • We will continue indefinitely to "set the table" for each student with a disposable place mat, which doubles as scratch paper.
  • Because children are not yet eligible for vaccination, masks remain required for all persons in the center when children are present.
  • We will continue, for the time being, seating one student at each table.
  • We will continue, for the time being, cleaning tables between students.
  • Hand sanitizer will continue to be readily available at the front door.
About morning hours.
  • Many families want morning hours during the summer. Other families prefer afternoon hours. It is prohibitively expensive for us to be open all day.
  • Afternoon hours are a bit more popular, so we have chosen to be open in the afternoons.
  • If you really need morning hours, let us know. We cannot make promises, but we may be able to work out a way to accommodate your needs.
Happy Summer!
Kip & Blake
Mathnasium Fountain Valley
(714) 593-1500