Remote Learning Announcement

Mar 19, 2020 | Fountain Valley

Mathnasium FV Remote Learning Announcement:

The experts are increasingly urging all of us to slow the spread of the virus by staying home as much as possible. It seems that the infection is not very dangerous to children, but it is dangerous to their grandparents. Therefore, we are told, neither children nor adults should congregate unless it is absolutely necessary.

Accordingly, Mathnasium of Fountain Valley will temporarily cease offering in-person instruction at the learning center effective today.

As you all know, we have been scrambling to get started on @Home, and had hoped to start using it as early as the day before yesterday. We were a little too ambitious, and perhaps that is a good thing.

With the dramatic increase in the number of users, the @Home system had simply become overburdened. It repeatedly "crashed." Students, parents, and Instructors were all quite frustrated.

Just as we were preparing to try @Home with one of our students late yesterday, we received word that @Home would be shut down for a capacity upgrade today and tomorrow, and would not accept new students until Monday. We have been assured that there will be no barriers to enrolling any and all of our students on Monday or after.

We will use the few days between now and Monday to more fully train ourselves and to prepare "electronic binders" for all of our students. As soon as we are permitted to do so on Monday, we will upload all of the electronic binders so that all of our students will immediately become "existing" @Home students.

For as long as the schools remain closed, we will offer @Home video-conference teaching throughout the day, not just in the afternoon and evening. It will be necessary for us to set up an appointment schedule.

Please watch for a message from us describing the appointment schedule and informing you how to make an appointment.

Take care of yourselves and your families. Be well.