We are Re-Opening June 29th!

Jun 27, 2020 | Fountain Valley
Great news! We’re pleased to announce that our center will resume in-person instruction on Monday, June 29th! We can’t wait to see our students again!
Enrollment for July will include attendance on June 29th and 30th with our compliments.
We will continue to offer Mathnasium@home. Enrollment will automatically include both options. Students may schedule some of their sessions online and some in-center.
As always, your child’s well-being is our top priority. Beyond that, we are concerned for the well-being of your entire household. To keep everybody safe, we will be changing the way we operate at the center.
We will communicate details soon. Most importantly, appointments will be necessary. You can schedule in-center appointments on the Schedule page here on our site, along with your @home appointments.
We are setting up the appointment system now, and will send out a follow-up announcement the moment we make the system available.
Stay tuned.
Best Regards,
The Mathnasium Fountain Valley Team